Uniting for Action Leadership Council

Being Leaders

We’re creating a new reality together based on cooperation and collaboration.

We’re committed to bringing forth our best as a society.

We’re coming together to create collective results at scale that far exceed anything that is possible within our current status quo systems.

We’re creating the world we want to live in now.

Uniting for Action Overview

If you haven’t seen it yet, please watch this Brief Overview video to understand the framework that we’re bringing to the world to allow us to address issues at the scale necessary to make a difference.

We’re creating a membership organization of the people who want to work together collectively to create results.

The Leadership Council members are the ones leading the way!

Leadership Council

We’re asking Leadership Council members to model creating collective strategic solutions by contributing to our collective pool of resources in the following three dimensions:

  • time / talents
  • finances
  • relationships

The following video explains all the details and expectations.

Leadership Council Expectations

Uniting for Action Leadership Council members are committing to be a part of the Council for a 3-month term.

Here’s a summary of the roles and expectations for leaders on the Leadership Council:

  • Time / talents / experience
    • Meetings – Join us for our two Zoom meetings each month, on the first and third Thursdays of the month from 8 to 9:30pm EST.
      • These meetings will include three sections:
        • Introductions – Leadership Council members will share what they’re able to contribute to our collective resource pool through their skills, experience, and network of connections.
        • Reports – Summaries of where we’re at with different aspects of the project, allowing Leadership Council members to provide comments, critiques, and suggestions.
        • Brainstorming – We’ll open up different topics for group discussion to see what develops out of the conversation.
      • Leadership Council members that can’t join us live will watch the video of the meeting afterwards.
      • All Uniting for Action Leadership Council meetings will be shared publicly on our YouTube channel, on our website, and via different social media channels, etc.
    • Consultation – Leadership Council members will have access to all our Google Drive documents, WhatsApp chats, and Team meeting videos. Leadership Council members can attend any Team meetings to observe and/or provide feedback and suggestions in meetings, or via written or video feedback. The amount of time devoted to these activities is up to each Leadership Council member.
  • Finances
    • Each Leadership Council member will contribute $100/month ($300 provided up front) to our collective pool of resources as a model for others. We’ll be asking (not required) all Members of Uniting for Action (users of the website platform), to provide at least $25/month to our collective pool of resources.

      As soon as possible, we want our business contracts, sponsorships, merchandise revenue, etc. to cover 100% of our operational expenses, so that 100% of the collective pool of resources will go to fund the solutions for the issues. In the short term, 100% of the collective pool of resources will go towards funding operations – website programming, legal, staff, etc.

  • Relationships
    • Each Leadership Council member will commit to introducing us to at least 5 personal contacts per month (via email, text, phone, Zoom, etc.) – people they think can help the project the most.
    • Each Leadership Council member will share a provided post (member has editorial control) to each of their social media channels at least twice per month. If they send an email blast, they’ll include provided content within at least one email blast per month.

Uniting for Action is asking Leadership Council members to make a three-month commitment up front to ensure Council consistency and stability.

Uniting for Action Leadership Council membership is by invitation only. If Uniting for Action decides that it would be best to remove a member from the Council for any reason, at Uniting for Action’s sole discretion, the member can receive a pro-rated, or full refund of their $300 contribution upon request.

Closing Thoughts…