We’re Uniting Now

We’re the people, businesses, and organizations that understand that we have to work together in cooperation and synergy – Uniting for Action – to scale our solutions big and broad enough to effectively address the current and future challenges in our communities and in our world.


All of the solutions we create and all the systems we build are based on the principle of win-win-win – a win for you, a win for the collective membership, and a win for the world (planet, ecosystems, plants, animals, and people).

Uniting for Action operates under the assumption that there are an infinite number of solutions to any situation, so out of an infinite number of choices, we just have to find one solution that creates a win-win-win for all.

Connecting the Dots

Those of us that care about an issue enough to take action need to pool our collective resources to strategically allocate those resources in the most efficient and effective ways.

Members pledge their support to the issues they care most about.

Collective Pool of Resources

There are ways to contribute to the collective pool of resources being strategically leveraged to address all issues:

  • time / talents
  • finances
  • relationships

Time / Talents

Pledge what you’re willing to contribute to the issues you care about in the form of:

  • Time – the number of hours per month you’re willing to offer
  • Talents – the specific skills, experience, and interests you can offer to the collective pool


Make a one-time or monthly financial contribution to the collective pool of resources available to address issues.

As soon as possible, we’ll have all operational costs (e.g., technology development, legal, staffing, etc.) covered by our corporate sponsor support, freeing 100% of the individual financial contributions to go towards solution implementation.

In the short-term, 100% of individual contributions will go to our operational overhead to develop and implement the framework and technologies to address issues at scale.


We can each leverage our relationship capital to support what we care about.

Make personal introductions for us to the specific people you think would be most interested in, and can best support our efforts.

Use your influence with your friends and followers by sharing our information on your social media.