Production Team

Team Description

The Production Team tasks are varied, including:
  • developing branding
  • graphic design
  • creating infographics
  • managing social media
  • editing and producing videos.

Fall 2021 Showcase Video

Production Team

Here’s a quick summary of the Fall 2021 Production Team’s efforts.
Team Leader
Team Members

Video Editing

Step-By-Step Editing

Our Fall 2021 Production Team Leader, Maria Nunez, edited this video in Adobe Premiere Pro, and created a step-by-step video editing tutorial for others on the team.

Video Intro Concepts

Production Team members, Alexis Lawrence and Maria Nunez, created the following video intro concepts for us.



This infographic was created by Katie MacQueen as part of a proposed series for the Vaccine Considerations Project that identifies common myths or misconceptions about the COVID-19 vaccine and examines their validity.

This specific one is about the false myth that the COVID-19 vaccine can cause miscarriage or negatively impact female fertility.

Infertility Infographic


These infographics were created by Rynasia Powell.

Did you know?
Illustrative COVID-19 Vaccine Instagram Story
Emergency Use Authorization - Infographic

Note: All infographics done by team members are based on topics of their choosing. Uniting for Action is a positionless organization, and does not endorse any infographics. The infographics shared on are provided as examples of the type of work that anyone can do by using Uniting for Action systems, including the Collective Solutions Framework.