Team Member – Maria Nunez

Maria Nunez

Maria Nunez




Florida International University

Instagram: @marinunez23

Production Team Leader

Outreach Team Member

Maria Nunez is studying Psychology at FIU while also doing a minor in General Marketing.
She wants to become a consumer psychologist and has some small businesses that she promotes through social media.
It was a great experience for her working in the Production and Outreach Teams as she learned more about editing and reaching out to experts respectively, as well as to work cooperatively with her teams and as a leader. 

Featured Work

Production Team


Showcase Presentation

Maria excelled at presenting during our meetings, and during recorded videos, such as the Showcase video she created for our Production Team.

Production Team


Video Processing and Editing

Our video processing involved reviewing long segments of video to find, extract, edit, and package the most important content. Maria took the lead organizing, coordinating, and working with a cross-discipline group of students from the Research, Outreach, and Production Teams to experiment with, refine, and establish organizational best practices for our video processing, ensuring that our messaging was being crafted to be optimally effective with our intended audiences.

Production Team


Video Editing Tutorial

Maria joined our Production Team to learn more about, and practice, more of the creative and artistic aspects of content creation. Maria eagerly embraced opportunities to expand her skill sets, such as learning new video editing software, which she shared in this tutorial video she created for the Production Team.

Outreach Team


Letter to Experts 

As part of our preparation for our presentation to the FDA Advisory Committee, we composed a letter to experts inviting them to collaborate with us.

Maria’s Interview