Collective Solutions Framework

Addressing Issues

Uniting for Action has developed the Collective Solutions Framework as a way to systematically address all issues.
The framework optimizes the use of available resources by strategically leveraging the power of the collective, and leveraging economies of scale.
Experts offer strategic solutions utilizing the collective pool of resources. Committed stakeholders implement solutions.

Framework Components

The Collective Solutions Framework in it’s simplest form:
  • Issues
  • Resources
  • Experts
  • Strategies
  • Management
  • Outreach

Attracting the Answers

The Collective Solutions Framework was developed to address global issues, such as climate, deforestation, and pollution, at the scope necessary to effectively address those issues.
It’s a scalable framework, working equally well to address local issues, or issues within a business.
We don’t have to have all the answers. The open source nature of the framework allows us to attract those that have all the answers, have them find each other through the channels, and engage in a discussion that results in the development and implementation of collective strategic solutions.