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Special Offer

Before we get too busy, we’re offering a one-hour pay-what-it’s-worth-to-you Reality Generating session.

Outcome: We’re going to design and build a Reality Generating Machine to help you create any result you want.

Reality Generating Machines are guaranteed to help you create results faster than you can without Reality Generating Machines.

Featured Solution

The Reality Generating Environment – Uniting for Action’s featured solution – is the ecosystem, or environment, within which you can intentionally create your reality.

First you design and build Reality Generating Machines to get what you want.

Then you use the Story Making Machine to inspire and create Agreements with the Supporters you need to make your Machines work.

When you’re bumping up against challenges and obstacles, resources within the Realm of Empowerment help you break through.

Reality Generating Environment
Uniting for Action


Uniting for Action is a member-driven organization.

We help Members intentionally create their realities, individually and collectively, by providing Breakthrough Solutions and access to a Realm of Empowerment.

As a Member, you provide us with feedback to direct our solution development to serve your needs. 

Uniting for Action

Breakthrough Solutions

Uniting for Action is an engineering firm.

We’re designing and developing many Breakthrough Solutions to help us all intentionally create our reality.

Realm of Empowerment

Uniting for Action is a personal empowerment organization.

We’re cultivating a Realm of Empowerment to help us all remove the obstacles and challenges preventing us from achieving our peak performance.

Effective and Efficient Use of Resources

Who has time, energy, and money to waste?

We all want to make sure we’re devoting our precious resources to our priorities.

The Reality Generating Environment brings a level of intentionality to creating results far beyond what we can create otherwise.

We guarantee results 100%.

We’re making all the Uniting for Action solutions available, and asking for you provide what you think is equitable and fair in exchange for the value being provided to you.