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Introductory Offer

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  • Introductory Offer

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Offer Outcome

Intentionally Create Your Reality

Before we get too busy, we’re offering a one-hour pay-what-it’s-worth-to-you Reality Generating session.

Outcome: We’re going to design and build a Reality Generating Machine to help you create any result you want.

We’re simply asking for a Fair Value Exchange in return.

Guaranteed Results

More Intentional, Organized, and Systematized

The Reality Generating Session is guaranteed to create faster results than you can create without it because the process causes you to be more intentional, organized, and systematized in creating your results than you would be otherwise.

Session Process

Session Agenda

Create a Thought Map

We create a Thought Map to let you visually see and share the different areas of your life that are important to you.

From the Thought Map, we narrow in on the priority areas we're going to focus on creating results in.

As a great example of a Thought Map covering a lot of different aspects of a business, here’s a video of our session with Da’vid Abellard, from Electric Token, along with the Thought Map we created on the fly during our session.

Electric Token is a digital hub leveling up the NFT/Metaverses while bridging the digital divide. They publish & curate unique NFT experiences amplifying BIPOC creators.

Design Reality Generating Machines

We create a separate Reality Generating Machine for each goal you want to accomplish.

During our session, we'll design your Reality Generating Machines, defining the different Supporters you need to create the outcomes you're Seeking.

We'll also begin the process of defining and sharing the win-win Offers you're able to make to the Supporters and Connectors you're asking to help you achieve your goals.

Work With the Story Making Machine

The Story Making Machine has been created as the mechanism for you to go from designing to building your Reality Generating Machines.

We use the Story Making Machine to tell prospective Supporters and Connectors what you're creating, and why.

Your goal is to tell inspiring stories. 

Your ability to inspire, in combination with the incentives you offer, help you forge the Agreements needed to get your Reality Generating Machines built, and creating results.

Fair Value Exchange

Provide What You Think Is Fair

You get to decide from the beginning what you think is fair. 

We’re so certain that you'll feel our session is worth your time and support, that we’re willing to assume the risk in helping you realize your priorities through the investment of our time and energy in your session.

In exchange for us bearing the risk, our request is that you select a financial investment that you would like the session to be worth to you.

That is the amount you will provide in advance of our session to give us a target for the value we need to meet for you to be satisfied.

30 days after our session, if you feel like you haven't yet received the value you invested in our session, you can receive as much of your money back as you think is fair - that’s our 100% money-back guarantee.

Do you think this is a fair, win-win offer? If so, let's do it!  

Schedule a Session! 🙌