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Intentionally Creating Your Reality

The Reality Generating Environment provides an ecosystem to help you intentionally create your reality.

First you design and build Reality Generating Machines to get what you want.

Then you use the Story Making Machine to inspire and create Agreements with the Supporters you need to make your Machines work.

When you’re bumping up against challenges and obstacles, resources within the Realm of Empowerment help you break through.

Most Effective and Efficient Use of Resources

The Reality Generating Environment connects the dots between having the intention of what we want to create, and the mechanisms to make it happen.

We’re providing a repetitive process that lets us become masters of the process, and thus masters of creating our realities.

We’re creating an ecosystem where we’re all connecting and supporting each other, being very intentional about creating realities.

This gives us a mechanism to most effectively and efficiently use our resources to address our collective challenges. 

Reality Generating Machines

Go From Saying What You Want to Getting What You Want

Reality Generating Machines are the systematic way Uniting for Action has created for us to intentionally create our realities, individually and collectively.

By systematizing our reality-generating process, similarly to how Amazon systematized e-commerce, and Uber systematized ride sharing, Uniting for Action is creating a collective intelligence and expertise that will completely transform how we relate to the world, and each other.

Story Making Machine

Sharing the Reality We're Creating

Uniting for Action has created the Story Making Machine as the technology platform which allows us to communicate the reality we're creating to others.

It allows us to tell the stories we need to tell to create the context we need to around the realities we're seeking to create in order to inspire Supporters and Connectors.

The Offer Making Machine is built into the Story Making Machine, so that you can share exactly what you're Seeking, and the specific Offers you're making to prospective Supporters and Connectors.

Realm of Empowerment

Realizing Our Fullest Potential

In order to make effective use of the solutions we have in our hands, we have to be willing to look at, and effectively address all the ways we’ve been disempowered.

The Realm of Empowerment is being created to give us all the best practice tools and techniques we could use to be our best so we can do our best.

Uniting for Action’s Realm of Empowerment will soon provide:

  • Libraries of static resources, such as videos, books, workshops, etc.
  • Directories of professionals, such as counselors, sociologists, spiritual leaders, coaches, etc.
  • Groups and discussion boards where people with similar interests can find each other, connect, and share resources and support with each other