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Angie Gonzalez

Angie Gonzalez

Angie Rainbow G the Permaculture Yogi specializes in Permaculture Design, Thai Tantric Yoga Therapy, Healing Arts, Shamanism, Health and Wellness Coaching.

She teaches Freedom Living and Regenerative Lifestyle Design. Inspiring Inner and Outer Ecology by transforming overworked evolutionary women and heart centered men who feel frustrated, unsatisfied, and torn down by a collapsing system into fulfilled, satisfied, and inspired game changers.

A team builder of a global community of Ascenders on a collective quest to develop the lands of Ascendia and Abundancia.





Angie’s Vision

Angie Envisions a world where all beings are free of suffering, where all people find themselves in a state of abundance, happiness, and where they have access to clean water, food, air, shelter, love, security, prosperity, and regenerative education.

She is founder of Eco Rainbow Goddesses a non-profit organization where our purpose is to support women their families and communities to live their best life in harmony with nature, abundance and fruitful natural capital for future generations.

The sacred temple complex is our main initiative and it is a network of of sacredly designed spaces that reconnect the people of the Earth back to the living Gaia.

Abundancia Deck

This is the pitch deck for the 1400 acres of land that we want to develop in Costa Rica.

It’s going to be subdivided with different lots for different types of homes from tiny homes to larger homes.

We also describe all the different public spaces and all the different systems that we’re integrating into the project.

The Tantric Conservatory

I opened up The Tantric Conservatory, and it’s going to be a church.
I’m going to file it as a 508 c1a, where we’re going to have a church status, and where we can have a temple where we can practice our tantric art as an ancient
healing modality for the modern world.
We we need that now more than ever. We’re being disconnected from reality – the true reality of our beings which is our embodiment of the divinity that comes through our embodiment in our bodies, and in our connection to to Gaia, herself.
There is a planetary tantra, where we teach people about really connecting their
nervous system to the whole planet through their breath, through their body, through sacred embodiment and sensuality, and permaculture, and regenerative design.
mind map Abundancia
mind map sacred temple
mind map working space