Vision – Cedar Island


Cedar Island is a paradise.

  • in North Carolina 
  • in the pristine waters
  • where the wild horses run freely
  • it’s a town that is ready for young energy to come in with innovation
  • right now it’s a very quiet town
  • it’s a very crystalline and pure town
  • the views are spectacular



  • potential for commercial development to want to come and take it over and make it into like a condo-y hotel-y type of place



  • wildlife restoration
  • eco villages
  • creating regenerative villages
  • things like what we’re talking about with Abudancia and with Ascendia and with all of the projects that i’ve been sharing



  • my friend is literally buying as much land as he can there to protect it from being purchased by these developers
  • they’re ready to see how we can collaborate
  • and how we can weave our network from the west coast that I’ m working with and from the east coast 

Video Summary

Dave Rainey

Conscious creation events

  • Fundraisers for:
    • the land
    • the organizations involved
  • working with Riko Chirito to think of what types of event you could do there
  • always easier with some type of collaboration


  • Mockingbird Real Estate
    • helping Dave with land transactions on Cedar Island

Need investors that want to buy land 

That land would be perfect for everything that we want to do 

All that space is available for every single thing on this list

Now it’s about the investments:

  • really that’s all it is
  • having the proper plan
  • having all the budgets
  • having all the things we need so that we can present this to the investors
  • and for them to see the value of that


As the system gets evolved, it’s almost like a pitch deck creation system

You’re plugging in all the different people, and they’re adding all their parts to the pitch deck, and you’re being able to formulate a plan out of all the co-collaborators of the plan.