Vision – Ascended

Ascended – Context

  • Ascended is working to create technologies to support the earth and the
    ascension of the earth
  • There’s a lot of talk today about the metaverse and cryptocurrency, and these types of advanced technologies that a lot of us are still not even very sure what what this is
  • Tsunami Diamond
    • The main founder of Ascended
    • Resonated with EcoRainbow Goddesses
      • Bringing feminine leadership back into the earth
      • Healing the divine feminine the masculine split
      • Healing the earth through permaculture and so we decided that
    • Wants to support:
      • The feminine
      • The Earth
    • Originally a technologist
      • Very knowledgeable about AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), etc. technologies
    • Working with Angie Gonzalez and the EcoRainbow Goddesses
      • United to create a metaverse that is helping support real-life activities


Leveraging Technology

As technology evolves, and people get more and more plugged in to technology it’s going to evolve from people holding their phones, to people wearing their glasses, and having the internet in their glasses to people getting it in their heads through a chip.

The technology is going be more invasive to the point where we don’t know where that can lead. It could be scary.

We don’t have to be against technology, because technology is a tool.

We just need to know how to use it in a way that is helpful to the earth, and to the people, and that that we don’t become overtaken by it – that we don’t become subservient to it, rather that it serves us.

The Ascendia XR Metaverse

An interactive experience where there’s going to be:

  • Gamification layers for people to be engaged in the Ascended Game of Life
  • Real world quests that people can go out into the real world fulfill those quests
    • Quests are always going to be:
      • In favor of nature
      • In favor of the ecology
      • In favor of people’s health
    • As you achieve quests you can come back to the game online and get certain rewards
      • Utility token 
        • Ascended token cryptocurrency
          • Can increase in value
      • Players will be able to gain value by creating positive changes in their in their world, in their lives

Physical Locations

Ascendia Spaces

We have the Ascendia XR, which is the online virtual space.

We’re going to also have 13 well-developed Ascendia real world spaces that include:

  • Eco Futuristic Resorts & Healing Villages
    • Eco – Housing & Builds
    • Smart Technologies
    • Regenerative Design
    • Ecology
    • Conservation
    • Conscious Media Production
      Event Center
  • Healing centers
    • Cutting-edge technologies
    • Energy-based medicines
    • Biofeedback
    • PMF technology
    • Med beds
  • Sacred temples
    • Herbalism & Smart Nutrition
    • Holistic Wellness Scholarship Programs
    • Conscious relating education for Mother’s in Need, Children and Fathers
    • EcoRainbow Goddesses
    • Tantra
    • Permaculture
    • Embodiment
    • Holistic health and wellness teachings for the community

First we’re creating the the technological and the financial strategies so that we can fund the Ascendia’s around the world.

Sacred Temples