The About pages are related first-hand by Uniting for Action founder, Jared Krupnick.

Creating a Higher Vibration Society

Near the end of 2015 I came to the realization that the Reengineering Society effort that I had been pursuing for so many years via Energetic Planet was so vast, with so many layers, and levels, and details, that people had a very hard time wrapping their minds around all of it, and explaining it to others.

That made it difficult for people to be powerful champions for Energetic Planet.

I decided to take a very thin, digestible, and easily explainable slice of Energetic Planet, and rebrand it as Higher Vibe Life.

Higher Vibe Life reflects part of the Conscious Evolution branch of Energetic Planet.  I believe that in order for our society to live in sustainable harmony with our planet and with each other, individuals must feed their bodies, minds, and spirits (through their food, music, mind and body care, etc.) with higher vibration products and practices.

I believe that one of the best ways to accelerate this conscious evolution of our society is to provide support to the businesses that make it their business to provide higher vibration products and services.  As these businesses thrive and expand, higher vibration ways of living and being will more quickly propagate across society.

Living a Higher Vibe Life

The idea behind Higher Vibe Life was to bring all the consumers seeking to expand the higher vibrations in their lives (peace, love, harmony, etc.) with all the businesses providing those products and services (like yoga studios, organic restaurants, massage therapists, etc.).

I launched a searchable online map and directory on to make it easy for consumers to find exactly what they were looking for in their neighborhood.

I began having monthly meetings and monthly networkers to connect the businesses with the consumers in a social atmosphere.

This soundtrack captures the essence of Higher Vibe Life.

Video from the first Higher Vibe Life meeting, brilliantly captured by Love Channel TV.

Photos from the second Higher Vibe Life meeting.  See the full album.

Photos from the first Higher Vibe Life networker.  See the full album.

Photos from the second Higher Vibe Life networker.  See the full album.

Promo video for Higher Vibe Life’s Community Mastermind & Mixer.

Photos from the Summer Solstice Ceremony produced by Higher Vibe Life.
See the full album.

Expanding the Higher Vibes

Over the summer of 2016, as my attention was increasingly drawn to the high-stakes Presidential Election, I kept observing how society was reacting to the news about the campaigns, and kept pondering how I and Higher Vibe Life could best serve society’s needs.

Promo video for the Sacred Water Tribe produced by Higher Vibe Life.  See the photos.

Promo video for the Higher Vibe Life Gathering of the Tribes on Miami Beach.

Photos from the Higher Vibe Life Gathering of the Tribes on Miami Beach.  See the full album.

The Gathering of the Tribes

Seeing the initial protests that broke out immediately following the Presidential election, and wanting to help steer the stirred up energy in more organized, positive, co-creative directions, I organized a Gathering of the Tribes on Miami Beach on January 15th, a week before the presidential inauguration.

The intention was to start building a network of networks to be able to facilitate ongoing collective actions across the community and across society.  I felt that the best way I could serve society was to create a local organizational effort that could be replicated in other locations around the country to rapidly develop a connected national network.

My thought, at the time, was to follow up the first Gathering of the Tribes with a second, much bigger one, a couple of months later, and to quickly scale up to thousands of people in South Florida, expanding the movement around the country as soon as possible.

When I watched the Women’s March on television just a week later, I knew that I had to turn all my attention towards rapidly developing technological tools to support the organizing that was already happening around the country by groups like the Women’s March.

My Facebook Live video from the Gathering of the Tribes.

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