The About pages are related first-hand by Uniting for Action founder, Jared Krupnick.

Reengineering Society

After graduating as the valedictorian of my high school in South Florida, I went on to get an Aerospace Engineering degree from the University of Colorado in Boulder.  Becoming disillusioned about an engineering career while in school, I never went to work in the aerospace industry.

For many years I didn’t understand the higher purpose behind spending so much time and energy to become a rocket scientist, and then not build the space colonies I had intended to when I entered school.

Since 2006, when I began organizing events and communities in South Florida, I’ve come to realize that my purpose on the planet is to help reengineer society – I’m here to use my creative engineering mind to support the transition of our society to sustainability.

For the past 10 years I’ve been deconstructing the mechanisms that drive our society, and figuring out how to rewire everything so that our major societal systems (e.g. education, healthcare, commerce, communications, transportation, etc.) drive us towards achieving a sustainable society, living in harmony with each other and the planet.

I created Energetic Planet in 2008 to organize that effort.

This video from 2012 perfectly captures the essence of my efforts to reengineer society.

I printed and distributed this post card as I launched Energetic Planet 10 years ago, in 2008.  Uniting for Action is championing the same exact message today.

I shot this photo from where we were seated for our meditation.

We began at 5pm to maximize the number of people that would see us
and read our poster as they passed by us after leaving work.

Occupy Wall Street

I was staying in New York during the summer of 2011 when I joined a group of friends that had been conducting weekly MedMob’s or meditation flash mob’s on Wall Street in front of the Stock Exchange building.

This is what I posted on Facebook immediately following the meditation on August 15, 2011:

“In the meditation, I saw this movement expanding with hundreds of people circling the entire stock exchange building while meditating, creating mass publicity about the desire and demand to bring consciousness and responsibility to our financial systems.”

“I see this same thing happening in the other financial markets around the world (London, Tokyo, etc.). I see the conscious people with enough motivation to get out into the streets and into the media spotlight, helping to channel the ire of the public into a productive process to create a sustainable solution for the future.”  See the original post.

I cannot describe the profound sense of awe I felt when I turned on the news one month later to find that my vision was materializing exactly as I had described it in the form of the Occupy Wall Street movement!

This is Our Time!

I was so encouraged by all the energy being stirred up by the Occupy Movement!

I had seen footage of the civil rights and anti-war movements in the 60’s and 70’s, but this was the first time in my lifetime that I saw a nationwide movement materializing.

For the first time, I felt that there was enough popular support for the idea of Energetic Planet that we could make it happen right at that moment in time!  I was very eager to catch and ride this wave of momentum!

There is no Us and Them – We Are One

The one thing that really concerned me about the Occupy Movement, though, was that the primary message was that “we, the 99%, are being oppressed and victimized by the 1%.”

I felt that the divisiveness of the message was exactly the opposite of what was needed to move society forward productively.

I was determined to work with the organizers to help guide the movement towards a new message along the lines of, “we have all co-created the reality we’re experiencing together, and only by taking responsibility can we be empowered to change it.”

I had returned to Florida shortly after my vision on Wall Street, before the Occupy Movement got going.  As the movement was picking up steam, I was preparing to move to New York to position myself in the middle of it, and work with the leaders, when all of a sudden the encampments began getting shut down around the country, and the movement lost momentum and relatively quickly faded from the public spotlight.

Lessons Learned

I took so many important lessons from the rise and fall of the Occupy Movement.

I was determined, more than ever, to help forge a new, sustainable path for society, founded on high vibration energy, which I described in great detail in the website and series of videos that I published in 2012, the year following the Occupy Movement.

This video describes how Energetic Planet supports the Conscious Evolution of society.

This video describes how Energetic Planet supports the Reengineering of Societal Systems.

Creating Energetic Alignment

I began producing a series of meetings, networkers, and special events to find and bring together the high vibration community leaders in South Florida to organize the community working together.

My belief, which became a foundational principle of my efforts for many years, was that the major systems of our society (e.g. education, health, commerce, etc.) could only be larger reflections of the collective energies we were holding as individuals.

If we wanted our major societal systems to hold higher vibrations (based on mutual respect, compassion, and cooperation), then we had to have more people in society embodying those vibrations to reach the tipping point that our larger institutions reflected our predominant individual vibrations.

Photos from the 12/12/12 Energetic Alignment event.  See the full album.

Creating Thriving Businesses

I think a key catalyst to accelerating our conscious evolution as a society is to have the businesses, who make it their business to help people raise their vibrations (through their nutrition, music, mental and physical health, etc.) thrive and expand on higher levels to be able to reach and serve a greater and greater percentage of the population.

At the time, I felt like the path to make that happen across society was to create a successful, sustainable business model at the local level, helping the South Florida community thrive and grow, and then replicate that model in communities all across the country and the world.  I described it all at the time in the Energetic Planet Overview Plan and the Detailed Strategic Plan.

To accomplish it all, the Energetic Planet events that followed included both high vibration experiences, such as music, dancing, sound healing, etc. as well as business networking.

Photos from the first Energetic Planet Community Incorporated event.  See the full album. See the second album.

Promo video for the second Energetic Planet Community Incorporated event.

Taking it to Another Level

After spending a few months devoted to programming new revolutionary website technologies for Energetic Planet, I decided to reenergize the community with a dazzling Yin/Yang Party in the Broward County Convention Center featuring the powerful Goddess Dancers, the amazing Daniela de Mari and Breath of Life, a DJ dance party, and much, much more.

Photos from the Energetic Planet Yin/Yang Party.

Celebrating the Divine Feminine

I was so moved by several of the Goddess Dancers approaching me after they left the stage at the Yin/Yang Party thanking me for giving them the opportunity to express themselves in such a beautiful and powerful way, that I decided that I had to create an event that was devoted to that.

I created the Goddess Expressions event as an opportunity for many of the goddesses in the community to literally step up on the stage, and share their deepest expression of their divine selves through their music selection, costuming, makeup, dancing, and energetic presence.

Headlined by the amazing Paloma Devi with her all-star band, and many featured performers, it was an unbelievable event.

Promotional video for the Energetic Planet Goddess Expressions event.

Promotional video for
Energetic Planet & Bagua Center presents Celebrating the Autumn Equinox.

Celebrating the Autumn Equinox

Partnering with the Bagua Center at a breathtaking waterfront home, I brought in a powerhouse lineup of South Florida’s top practitioners to help us celebrate the Autumn Equinox.

They dazzled us with an amazing day filled with music, dancing, drumming, breath, yoga, ceremony, sound healing, and off-the-chart vibrations!

The event spectacularly included a dolphin jumping out of the water next to the home, a rainbow spontaneously appearing in the sky directly above us, and fireworks booming in the distance during our closing ceremony.

The Universe could not be more clear about it’s enthusiastic support for what we were creating!

Powerful recap video of
Energetic Planet & Bagua Center presents Celebrating the Autumn Equinox.