– Answering Your Questions

Shamanaste ~ Divine Guidance

Welcome to the opportunity to receive divine guidance from a soul group of teachers called Shamanaste.

Shamanaste shares with us a non-physical perspective of what’s happening in our three-dimensional world.

From Shamanaste you can receive:

  • clarity
  • direction
  • answers
  • validation
  • ideas
  • connection
  • upliftment
  • raising of consciousness

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Burge Smith Lyons

Shamanaste Via Burge

Shamanaste is a group of souls channelled by Burge Smith Lyons.
She has been channeling Shamanaste since 1996.

About Burge

Burge is a Uniting for Action Leadership Council member, and long-time personal development and empowerment expert, leading many different online and in-person trainings, including her signature Essence of Being workshops.

Answering Your Questions

Shamanaste shares about



  • Divorce
  • Death
  • Children
  • Hired
  • Fired



  • How can I have a relationship?
  • How can I keep a relationship?
  • How am I attracting the perfect mate, or not?
  • How is that working?
  • What can I do to to be the most magnificent person I can be?

Sometimes feeling:

  • Clueless
  • Helpless
  • Useless
  • I don’t know what to do

Sometimes you may feel like you’re flying without a net, and you don’t even know where the net is anymore.

Sometimes what you’ve known is gone. Now what?

Shamanaste shares about…

  • Money issues
  • I don’t know what my purpose is
  • Am i adding enough value in the world?
  • Feelings of grief
  • Feeling lost
  • What’s my next move?

Types of questions:

  • Anything where you think, “Why is this happening? And what do we do about it?”
  • Things like:
    • The pandemic
    • The war in Ukraine
    • Climate change
  • What’s going to happen to the planet?
  • What happens to me when I die?

Experience the Sessions

About the Sessions

It’s a two-hour channeling session.

You ask questions.

You receive messages.

We create a vortex of all the people that are there at the moment, and Shamanaste answers questions for people.

Most of the time the questions get answered before you even ask, and what you hear resonates with you.

You may receive:

  • Direction
  • Guidance
  • Answers
  • Upliftment
  • Energy
  • Raising of consciousness

How the Sessions Go

Different Offers

Review the Recording

You also receive the recording. It is recommended to review the recording afterwards because oftentimes when you’re in the presence of Shamanaste you’re in a altered state.

We’ve had a lot of people have breakthroughs just by being with Shamanaste.

We’ve had quite a bit of emotional releasing with people just hearing what they needed to hear.

When you go back and listen to the recording it’s a whole other energy. Because you’re listening to it from a different perspective, you hear things that you didn’t hear the first time, or you get things on another level that you didn’t even understand before.

All Access Package – $87/month

  • Full access to live group channeling (twice per month)
    • Customized to questions brought by participants
    • All Access questions answered first
    • Can email questions in advance
      • Don’t have to be present to ask questions
  • Recordings of live group channeling
  • Bonus new recording provided each month
  • Full access to all the back archives of recorded material
    • Many videos
    • Many audios

Individual Channeling Session  – $47


  • An upcoming live channeling
    – or –
  • A past event with a topic that speak to you


  • Join us for live events when your schedule allows
  • Dip your toe in the water to experience the divine guidance Shamanaste can provide

Money Back Guarantee

Try it with no risk.

No questions asked, 30 day refund guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back.


Referral System

We participate in the Uniting for Action Referral System!  👍

Receive 10% referral commissions for all referrals, including monthly commissions for monthly members!  👏🌟🙌

Private Sessions

Private Channeling Session  – $150

The private channeling session is an hour that is very specific and private.

It’s whatever you want to talk about.

Whatever questions you want to ask.

You get them for a whole hour to yourself.

It’s virtual.

You don’t have to go anywhere. Connect via Zoom, or phone.

A Different Perspective

Everybody has gifts. 

Gifts are sometimes utilized, and sometimes not. Sometimes you’re afraid of your own gifts.

We get information from other dimensions, other energies, other experiences, and some call it intuition, some call it connection, some call it empathic abilities. It’s feeling perhaps that you get. You get a knowing or a feeling.

Transchanneling is what Shamanaste is. It’s a different way of communicating.

Shamanaste is a soul group of avatars and teachers. It’s fifth dimension and beyond.

You can take what you want, and throw away the rest.

Whether you believe it or not, it’s a way of connecting to a different perspective.