Vaccine Considerations Project
Vaccine Considerations Project

Turning Uncertainty into Confidence

Providing COVID-19 vaccine information to be shared.

Our Mission

Help people make informed decisions and take effective actions by providing science-based, expert COVID-19 vaccine information.

Why the Vaccine Considerations Project?

We’re largely made up of Public Health students committing our lives to ensuring the health and well being of the public through education, sound policies, and access to health resources.

We’re working with a range of stakeholders to develop end-to-end solutions to meet people where they’re at, provide them with what they need, and support them in creating the healthiest outcomes for themselves and their families.

We’re developing an extensive database of COVID-19 vaccine information, strategies, and best practices to help guide and support our clients in creating the positive impacts they seek in the communities they serve.

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Vaccine Considerations Project!

Vaccine Considerations Project

Who We Are

Our Team is made up of a network of university students from around the country.  

We are streamlining the collection, organization, analysis, and production of information.

Our Clients

Our clients are organizations tasked with sharing COVID vaccine information, and implementing interventions for the public.

  • Departments of Health
  • Community-Based Organizations
  • Universities
  • Businesses
Vaccine Considerations Project