About Us

Our Story

The Vaccine Considerations Project has been created by Uniting for Action, a corporation formed in 2017 to address our most challenging issues by focusing on strategy, organization, finance, management, technology, and outreach.

We’ve chosen to focus on the COVID-19 vaccines because their administration is such a consequential, urgent, and universal issue – everyone has to decide whether they’re going to get a vaccine for themself and their family.

FDA Presentations

From December, 2020 to February, 2021 the Founder and Senior Medical Advisor of the Vaccine Considerations Project presented five separate times to the FDA Advisory Committee as they considered approval for the COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.  Each presentation garnered substantial interest from the media.

Our Work

The Vaccine Considerations Project has spent considerable time and effort researching, analyzing, and reporting on many important COVID-19 vaccine considerations and concerns.

We’re offering a wide array of information, best practices, and organizational support to the health departments, community-based organizations, and local health centers on the front lines of providing information, and addressing individuals’ concerns and hesitancies.

VCP In the News

The Vaccine Considerations Project has been featured several times in the news.  We’re receiving growing attention due to the innovative way we’re collecting, organizing, and sharing information.

WSVN news coverage of Vaccine Considerations Project presentations to the FDA Advisory Committee on Dec. 10, 2020
Image by Jared Krupnick, founder of Uniting for Action