Campaigns for Action

Our Campaigns for Action are opportunities for you to join with other Members for Action and Leaders for Action to employ Strategies for Action to create immediate tangible results for society, while simultaneously laying a foundation for expanded results in the future.


As a foundation for our Campaigns for Action, we apply the Uniting for Action Methodology to each issue, working with organizations and leaders to address six dimensions of issue management to maximize results:

  • strategy
  • organizing
  • financing
  • management
  • technology
  • media

Map for Action

Our Map for Action guides our work with organizations and leaders to best leverage our individual choices and collective actions in the realms of economics and politics to maximize our societal results.

Action for Gun Safety

Action for Gun Safety is a Uniting for Action initiative designed to coordinate and synergize strategies, campaigns, and calls to action amongst gun safety organizations, leaders, supporters, and influencers.

Action for Gun Safety
is inspired by and dedicated to the
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
students and families in Parkland, Florida.

Committed to Results

In order to achieve gun safety in the face of historically fierce challenges, we must scale up our solutions to overcome the entrenched political and economic forces that oppose us. Only by working together – organizing, strategizing, and taking coordinated, collective actions – can we:

  • force our representatives to respect the overwhelming public support for new sensible gun safety legislation
  • enforce existing gun safety laws
  • pressure businesses and banks to adopt gun safety business policies
  • create a new gun industry paradigm that values and advocates for gun safety

Action for Gun Safety has been created to facilitate the scope of the coordination, cooperation, and collaboration required to achieve the results we seek.

April, 2019

The Month for Action campaign is a coordinated series of large-scale events designed to:

  • help us address all human, civil, and environmental issues in an organized way
  • create widespread public and media attention
  • grow the scale of our society’s response to important and urgent issues
  • expand and activate a network of engaged advocates
  • organize massive, coordinated actions that inspire us to create a sustainable society

The Rallies for Action are the high-visibility, attention-getting, organizing centerpieces of the Month for Action.  The Rallies bring us together, connecting us all into a network of people Uniting for Action, taking sustained, massive, coordinated actions to help guide society back onto a sustainable path.

April 6th

The first half of the Marches for Action are the high-energy release valves for all of our pent-up emotions and frustrations.  The second half of the marches are devoted to reinforcing the actions that we’re willing to take to proactively create the world we want to live in.

April 6th

Watch for Action is a social media campaign to create awareness and engagement around the Month for Action.  Live streams, recorded videos, and online tools will be provided for tuning into and sharing Month for Action events, videos, articles, and resources.

Throughout April

The Gatherings for Action are designed to be the bridges from the high-energy Month for Action to our daily lives, helping us find ways to stay connected to our commitments around the issues we care about, incorporating issue-friendly lifestyle, purchasing, and voting choices into our lives on an ongoing basis.

April 27th

The Year for Action campaign will include:

  • Month for Action – April, 2020
  • Month for Action – August, 2020
  • ongoing Actions throughout the year
  • additional special events throughout the year


A coordinated series of large-scale campaigns for an entire year designed to:

  • elevate public and media attention around all human, civil, and environmental rights issues
  • organize coordination, cooperation, and synergy amongst all sectors of society around critical issues
  • grow the support infrastructure of our grassroots response to the scale necessary to effectively address local and global issues
  • engage and grow a national network of advocates
  • organize massive, coordinated actions throughout the year that move society towards sustainability
  • engage the public with the local, state, and national political processes in the ways necessary to ensure that the 2020 Elections and governmental policies reflect the will of the people

Do you want to see these efforts succeed?

Don't count on someone else.  It's up to you.

Please Join Us and
Contribute your support and so we can:

  • Expand our outreach & partnerships
  • Assemble critical resources and tools
  • Create compelling websites & videos
  • Develop viral social media campaigns

The March for Our Lives in Parkland, Florida.  Photo taken by the creator of Uniting for Action.