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Leaders for Action

It’s important to acknowledge and support the people, businesses, and organizations that have been taking the lead for a long time for many important issues for our society.

Let’s hold these leaders high, bring attention to their great work, and support them in increasing their results by creating a bigger stage and synergizing their efforts with others through our Campaigns for Action.

In this way, we are magnifying all leaders’ efforts, and multiplying their results.

Supporting our Leaders

The Leaders for Action on this page are a small sample of some of the more vocal and visible leaders around one of our most pressing issues – climate change.

We want to identify and work with the Leaders for Action within all of the Forces for Action that are driving our society.

If you consider yourself a Leader for Action, or know some person, business, or organization that is, please contact us to let us know at

Inviting Leaders for Action

Here’s a selection of the Leaders for Action that we’ve identified for their outspoken support of climate issues, and are inviting to participate in our Uniting for Action campaigns:

  • high profile environmental advocates, such as:  Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Nye, Ed Norton, Matt Damon, Ed Begley Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Jessica Alba, Don Cheadle, David Letterman, Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver, Jack Black, America Ferrera, Lesley Stahl, Gisele Bundchen, Richard Branson, James Cameron, etc.
  • public officials, current and past, such as:  Al Gore, Bernie Sanders, Mike Bloomberg, Bill de Blasio, Andrew Cuomo, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jerry Brown, etc.
  • national climate organizations, such as:  The Climate Reality Project, The People’s Climate Movement,, Indigenous Environmental Network, The Sierra Club, etc.
  • national activist organizations, such as:  Women’s March, ACLU, NAACP, National Organization of Women, National Urban League, Native American Rights Fund, etc.
  • political organizations, such as:  The League of Women Voters, Our Revolution, Indivisible, MoveOn, Rock the Vote, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, RepublicEn, etc.
  • corporations that publicly expressed support for the Paris Climate Accord before the withdrawal announcement, such as:  Apple, Facebook, Gap, Google, HP, Intel, Levi Strauss, Mars, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, PG&E, Salesforce, Tiffany & Co., etc.
  • campaign creators, such as:  The Ad Council, The Amplifier Foundation, etc.
  • foundations, such as: Barr Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Energy Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, The Kresge Foundation, The McKnight Foundation, UN Foundation, etc.
  • filmmakers, such as:  Years of Living Dangerously, Michael Moore, National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, etc.
  • art activists, such as: Steve Cutts, Shepard Fairey, etc.

Please help us add to this list by sending your suggestions to:

Creating Viral Expansion

Because we live in a social media-driven world, one of our primary Strategies for Action is to connect and work with the Leaders for Action that are the “influencers” of our society, having very large followings on social media.

We know we can more quickly expand the reach and results of our Campaigns for Action by having influencers participating in and promoting our efforts.

While we are identifying and seeking to work with Leaders for Action in all sectors of society, including businesses, foundations, media outlets, etc. we are placing a heavy emphasis early on with these influencers to create a wave of viral expansion of Uniting for Action through the influencers, leading to a wave of viral expansion throughout all of society.

Leadership of Influencers

  • public perception is driven by social media
  • people follow influencers
  • they are role models
  • their vocal support of issues give their followers permission and inspiration to use their own voices
  • they attract media attention
  • issues not only get covered by traditional news media, but also by entertainment and lifestyle media, which is extensive
  • with a little encouragement and support, many influencers are poised to become much stronger advocates for humanity and the planet
  • it is infinitely easier and quicker to enlist the support of one influencer with 5 million followers than to try to organically build a following of 5 million people
  • followers often skew towards younger, more active, more concerned people
  • many of the younger generation have not yet connected with or embraced traditional environmental or advocacy organizations
  • a highly organized and directed campaign to grow existing organizations’ member and support base through influencers’ followers could result in very measurable long-term membership gains, as well as help organizations better appeal, attract, retain, and mobilize new generations of environmental and civil activists
  • a snowball effect can get created, where the more influencers that come on board, the more other influencers want to come on board – we shift from a “get on the bandwagon” effect to a “don’t want to miss the boat” or “fear of missing out” effect
  • influencers are primed to have a viral wave spread through their sub-culture, which will directly lead to a viral wave spreading through popular culture
  • rather than trying to hold a match to a log to start a fire, we can get a raging fire going across society much more easily and quickly by getting it going through the influencers community, which will effectively act as the kindling to get it raging across society

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The March for Our Lives in Parkland, Florida.  Photo taken by the creator of Uniting for Action.