Uniting for Action was born the week after the United States announced its withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord.

The founder of Uniting for Action, Jared Krupnick, anticipating the withdrawal announcement, was rushing to program some new website technologies to support the wave of protests and marches around the country that Jared thought would follow the announcement.

He was still finishing up the programming, and hadn’t yet launched the new technologies when Paris Climate withdrawal announcement came and went with very little organized public response.

There were several climate leaders, like Al Gore, Jerry Brown, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Bloomberg, and others that spoke out, and appeared on the news, but there weren’t the mass organized protests and marches that Jared expected to see, and thought would have been the appropriate response to the situation.

Surprised and deeply disappointed, Jared was determined to create the response that he thought was appropriate.  Over the next few weeks, his thoughts crystalized into the Campaigns for Action, including the Watch for Action, Month for Action, and Year for Action campaigns.

Challenging Times Demand Powerful Movements

Uniting for Action is modeled after the great transformational movements throughout history lead by the people willing to take a stand for human, civil, and environmental rights.

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Defending the Sacred

Uniting for Action has been born from the river of tears flowing from Standing Rock, the Women’s March, the People’s Climate Movement, and the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Climate Accord.

Uniting for Action is the grassroots organization of society that many people have been envisioning and praying for.

Uniting for Action

Uniting for Action is a movement of people, businesses, and organizations that recognize the need to work together in cooperation and synergy to scale our solutions to the necessary scope to address and overcome our greatest challenges.

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