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Featured Solution

Reality Generating Environment

The solution that we’re focusing a lot of attention on right now is developing the Reality Generating Environment, because this solution allows all of us to make much more progress right away on creating our own personal reality, as well as our collective shared reality. This is especially critical right now given all the life-threatening challenges we face.

Systematization is Key

We Can't Wait

Uniting for Action was created in 2017 to provide systematic ways of addressing all of our challenges.

With so many different issues and challenges that we’re facing, many of them mortal threats to our self-preservation, we have to be as efficient and effective as we can with our resources.

We need to systematize how we do things in order to collect and analyze decision-making data between comparable options. 

The Power of Systematization

Think of the very important differences between what life was like before, and now after the following systems caught on:

  • Google systematized searching
  • Amazon systematized e-commerce
  • eBay systematized auctions
  • Twitter systematized following people
  • Instagram systematized photo sharing
  • TikTok systematized video sharing
  • AirBnB systematized vacation rentals
  • Uber systematized ride sharing

In reality, everything we do can be systematized to gain the types of advantages we receive from these well-known examples across everything we do.

Uniting for Action has evolved the concept of systematization so much, that Uniting for Action is now systematizing systematization so that we can systematize all of life.

User-Friendly Packaging

Machines Within Machines

We’ve standardized on creating machines, or components, with a few moving parts as a visual way to show how things work together to create a result.

We’re nesting components within components, to create an infinitely scalable fractal solution. In other words, one component could be a gear of another component, which could be a gear of another component, etc.

Complexity Wrapped Within Simplicity

While there are many layers and levels of complexity to systematizing all of life, we understand that in order for any systems to be adopted, they have to be intuitive, and easy to understand and implement.

Because of that, we’re operating in two dimensions simultaneously:
1. Diving very deep into many levels of systematization
2. Packaging all of the complexity into simple user-friendly systems

Our solution is to present simple systems on the surface, while allowing anyone that wants to pop the hood to examine and work with the nuts and bolts of the machinery.