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Watch for Action

We’re using the release of “An Inconvenient Sequel” to elevate and expand the climate conversation.

The Watch for Action campaign is designed to create greater awareness, education, and urgency around climate change by inspiring more people to go see An Inconvenient Sequel through:

Go see An Inconvenient Sequel, and Join Us to become a collective force for positive action by Uniting for Action for large-scale Rallies, Marches, and Gatherings for Action during the Month for Action in November.

It’s Time for Action

With the extensive media tour Al Gore has been on supporting the release of “An Inconvenient Sequel,” it’s rare for climate change to be so present in the media and in the public consciousness for such an extended period of time.

For those of us who care about climate change, it’s a golden opportunity to convert the elevated awareness into:

  • expanded education
  • heightened urgency
  • community dialogue
  • political accountability
  • legislative attention
  • action

Let’s Create the Story

You play a pivotal role in how this story unfolds…

Let’s take what has been the story in the media:

“Al Gore has made another movie about the climate crisis”

and turn it into:

“An Inconvenient Sequel has expanded the climate conversation in America”

Whether that narrative gets created and covered in the media is completely up to you:

  1. Going to see the movie
  2. Encouraging friends to go

Invite Your Friends

If we’re going to go beyond singing to the choir around climate change, it’s imperative that this movie is seen not just by people who are already climate champions, but also by people who have been ambivalent, unconcerned, or “too focused on other life priorities” to give much attention to climate change.

Some of those people are your friends.

Perhaps the biggest impact you can have on the climate change conversation in the next two weeks, if not the next two years, is by inviting and encouraging your friends to go to the movies with you.

Especially invite them if you think they may not go otherwise.  Offer to pay for them.  Offer to take them out to dinner, too!

Let them know that climate change is a big deal to you.
That going to the movie is a big deal to you.
That them joining you is a big deal to you.

Let’s make this the BIG DEAL that it should be!

Bring the Hope!

There’s a lot of concern around climate change, and rightly so.

A lot of people in our society are mentally and emotionally “shut down” around climate change because of the extreme fear, despair, and hopelessness that can accompany becoming more educated and aware of the severe consequences that are already pre-determined from what we’ve already done.  As a society, we can’t let the fear paralyze us.

How Can We Talk About Global Warming? – Sierra Club Article
“How to Talk to a Climate Denier” – National Geographic Article

As someone who is willing to face the reality of the situation, you can help some of your friends face it by injecting hope, optimism, and excitement for the wonderful way that climate change is uniting humanity around our mutual survival.

Be the golden ray of sunshine that you are by organizing a watch party with your friends, so you can all go to the movies together, and make a fun social occasion out of it!

Have dinner, or go to a park after the movie to talk with your friends about what you intend to do going forward.  Keep it positive.  Focus on actions.  Focus on empowerment.  Focus on how we can do this, and we’re doing it!  Yayyy!!!

Attend/Create a Watch Party

If you’re going to go to the movie anyway, why not make a party out of it?

Check the map to see if there’s already a watch party scheduled near you.

You can create your own watch party by simply selecting a theater and showtime in advance, and making a Facebook event page announcing it.  Then add it to our map.  That makes it very easy for the people in your community to share the Facebook event, and Invite their friends to the event.

You’ll create more buzz and more interest in the movie, not only amongst your friends that you invite, but also also amongst everyone in your community that sees the shares and gets invited as it gets passed along.

This is a very easy way for you to make a big difference in your community!

We’ve Made it Super Easy!

Step 1 – Pick a good location and time for your community.

Step 2 – Create a Facebook Public Event.
(make sure you select Public – it can’t be changed)

Step 3 – Add your watch party to our map.

Step 4 – Invite your friends on Facebook.

Step 5 – Share your event page:

  • on your timeline
  • on pages you manage
  • on pages of local environmental groups

Step 6 – Send personal Facebook messages, emails, texts to friends who you want to see the movie.

Something like…  “I’m excited to go see An Inconvenient Sequel to see what we can do about climate change.  I’d love for you to join me.  I made this Facebook event page so we can inspire more people to go.  Please RSVP, share it, and invite your friends as well.    Let’s get people excited about creating a brighter future for our children!”  [paste your Facebook event page here]Step 7 – Celebrate that you’re taking action to create a brighter future for humanity!


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Also, share the videos on this page on your Timeline, on Pages, in Groups, and in Private Messages to friends you think would appreciate them.

Next Steps

Ok, now that we’re fired up, let’s take action!

What can you do?

Let’s co-create our world together!