Vision – Sacred Temple

Sacred Temple Description

The Sacred Temple complex includes: 

  • Temple of the Crystal Rose
    • space for the women
    • Uniting with the women’s circles
  • Temple of the Protector
    • a space for the men
  • A couple’s education center for conscious relationships
    • A temple providing tantra workshops, relationship relating, and conscious sensuality and sexuality space
      • Angie is a relationship, tantra arts, healing coach
  • A birthing center
    • Designed for the new children that are coming into the world
    • Where the mothers can have the installations necessary for giving birth in a way that is the most helpful for them and for the children
  • Conscious Education Space
    • A family-friendly space for the children that are growing up
    • Where the children can learn real life skills from the adults that are engaged in the in the new earth headquarters
      • Learning how to garden
      • Learning how to build
      • Learning how to make things
      • Learning through doing
      • Having a very practical approach for the children that can have access to this education

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Sacred Temple Design

The Sacred Temple complex would utilize a biophilic design, where within one building, you could have all the different components.
Think about a flower. There’s a center, and from the center, each room is like a petal.
The center can be like a lobby, where people can learn about the all the different
components of the Temple complex, and how to be directed to where they need to go.
Each petal is like a different world. You go to one world, and you have all the feminine arts. You go to another world and you have the masculine arts. And then you go to another world, and you have the children’s learning playshop. And you go to another world, and you have the movement arts. And you go to another room, and you have the medicine room, with all sorts of potions and things being created. So every room that you walk into, it’s like you’re going into a different world.

Health and Consciousness

Apothecary, Entheogens, and the Study of Death

We have a medicine creation space – like an apothecary. The apothecary includes herbal medicines for daily self-care.
We also study entheogenic medicine, dealing with higher-level plants, including psychedelics, that are more for exploring higher levels of consciousness.

Through the study of entheogenic medicine, we familiarize ourself more with the spirit world and alternate dimensions. This also helps people who are going through death to transition into that world with greater ease. There is a space for studying the mysteries of death.

We want to hold the gates of birth and life, and also of death and transition into the other worlds, and everything that’s in between, which is love and relationships, and
life on this planet earth, and gardening, and everything that we need to stay happy, healthy, and whole.
The Egyptians they always said that our life should be devoted to practicing how to die, so they had all these practices where they would practice how to die so that when that moment came, they were prepared and ready, and it wouldn’t be something that was challenging, or that their spirits wouldn’t know where they’re at, or have any of these negative experiences – they would just go in a way that would just be very welcoming and very harmonious.

Design Sciences

Biophilic Space Design

The whole space needs to be designed with Feng Shui.
We provide studies about the Design Sciences, including:
  • Feng Shui
  • Permaculture
  • Vastu

Movement Space

Practicing and Performing

I envision having a space within the Sacred Temple complex that’s dedicated to having aerial silks, pole dancing, fire props, flow arts, creative flow arts, props for different artists to come in and to practice.
There we have nights where we do prayer performances, where through the prayerformance, we’re telling a story about the way we’re creating this new paradigm.

Living Spaces

Stewards of the Temple

We’re going to have stewards of these spaces that need to be living on-site to
be in that space and to be engaged in the everyday maintenance and upkeep of the space.
The living spaces are ecologically designed, showcasing effective water usage, minimizing waste, etc.

Creating the Sacred Temple

Organically Expanding

We’ll start out with something simple that I can manage, like the Tantric Temple, where I can have sessions, and teach workshops.
I can also teach about gardening and plants, and how to use that as part of your tantric embrace with Mother Gaia.
Then we can add all of these other pieces – the technology, and creative art studios, and all of that – by recruiting others who already have those tools, or have those connections. We want to have a space eventually for all of these things, but I think it’s important to start simple, and build from there.
You’re laying out a vision that others can get on board with and can start to find each
other around this vision, and say, “Yes, I want this.”
You can start to attract in all of the resonant beings to the vision that you’re sharing, and in doing that, you’re moving the vision forward. You’re giving the opportunity for those people to show up to do those parts by describing it very clearly and letting
somebody say, “Yes, I want to plug in,” or, “I know somebody that’s doing this part – let me connect you with them.”
It’s a natural evolution of what you’re already doing. You’re using where you’re at as a foundation, and it’s allowing you to start to grow into the vision organically from from where you are right now.

Virtual Sacred Temple

The long-term vision is having the physical Sacred Temple.
Early steps to that are virtually creating the Sacred Table temple by forming all the connections in the community.
You’re setting the vision, and you’re getting people on board – “we’re working towards this, we’re all buying in towards this, and this is the journey we’re on along the way to get to that place.”
You’re getting buy-in from the beginning. You’re finding the stakeholders that are going to be up for this two or three-year journey to get the land, and build a Temple.
That’s where you’ll create all this value from the beginning, just in the interconnecting. You’re being the connector, connecting them together into these
networks where they’re benefiting each other, and making connections, and earning commissions from connecting each other.
It makes it almost easy. It’s just a matter of communicating it all really effectively so that we’re inspiring those that we want to participate with enough, and incentivizing it enough, that they choose to buy in.