Vision – Abundancia – South Florida


Cedar Island is a paradise.

  • in North Carolina 
  • in the pristine waters
  • where the wild horses run freely
  • it’s a town that is ready for young energy to come in with innovation
  • right now it’s a very quiet town
  • it’s a very crystalline and pure town
  • the views are spectacular



  • potential for commercial development to want to come and take it over and make it into like a condo-y hotel-y type of place



  • wildlife restoration
  • eco villages
  • creating regenerative villages
  • things like what we’re talking about with Abudancia and with Ascendia and with all of the projects that i’ve been sharing



  • my friend is literally buying as much land as he can there to protect it from being purchased by these developers
  • they’re ready to see how we can collaborate
  • and how we can weave our network from the west coast that I’ m working with and from the east coast 

Prospective Locations

Client Buying Land

Angie Gonzalez recently connected with a client interested in buying land in Florida, where Abundancia could get started.