Uniting for Action - Intentionally evolving our world.

Being Your Best

Uniting for Action is supporting you in being your best version of yourself, both to achieve your individual goals and aspirations, as well as to be the strongest contributor you can

to optimally address all our challenges.

Best Practice Support

Uniting for Action’s Collective System is a new paradigm-shifting social network that allows us all to be tapped into a Collective Global Brain that contains all knowledge about everything., giving each of us access to up-to-the-second access to analytical data that lets our artificial intelligence assistant provide us with best-practice guidance about anything we want to do based on our preferences and available resources.

Uniting for Action is leveraging the power of the collective to provide a crowdsourced repository of information, resources, discussion groups, etc.

  Through the innovative use of cutting-edge technology and a membership organization of people who want to work together collectively, Uniting for Action is offering a suite of do-it-yourself tools and information, as well as full-service support in each of the following areas:

  • Empowerment
  • Leadership
  • Technology
  • Production
  • Business
  • Influence

Leveraging the Power of the Collective

Uniting for Action is helping us shift from a individualistic society to a collective society in order to achieve collective survivability, sustainability, and regeneration of the life-giving ecosystems that are currently collapsing, posing an urgent and mortal threat for life as we know it on our planet.

We’re introducing and weaving together cutting edge technologies to help you increase your influence, income, and impact, while simultaneously combining your interests with others to collectively create what has been unattainable until now, given the dysfunction of our existing societal systems.

Uniting for Action’s leveraging the power of the collective to support you in bringing your full power to the priorities in your life:

  • Collective Thoughts
  • Collective Actions
  • Collective Commerce

How Urgent?

If you’re not currently feeling like we’re in an urgent race to save humanity and all of life from mass extinction events, like dead oceans, and permafrost thaw, visit this page for some eye-popping articles:

  • Plastics
  • Forever Chemicals
  • Climate
  • Deforestation
  • Coral loss

As bad as these situations are, allow your intelligence to guide your survival instinct to understand that massive action is required in all of these areas and more to move the needle.

Fleeing these mortal threats (e.g., avoidance, denial, etc.) does not, in any way, diminish or avoid the worst consequences for us.

The only way to survive and thrive is to face these challenges head-on, marshaling enough resources at a large enough scale to reverse course from increasing damage and destruction to preservation and regeneration of our life-giving environment.

Leveraging the Power of the Collective

Uniting for Action’s leveraging the power of the collective to support you in bringing your full power to the priorities in your life:

  • Collective Thoughts
  • Collective Actions
  • Collective Commerce

We’re helping you use the latest advances in artificial intelligence, video production, and other leading edge technologies to optimize the use of your time and resources to create results in your world. 

* Empowerment
* Leadership
* Technology
* Production
* Business
* Influence

Collective Thoughts

Uniting for Action has created a prototype for a revolutionary social media website that allows us to shift from the “individual” thinking we’ve done our whole life to a new “collective thinking” process, where every time we have a thought, our artificial intelligence assistant will provide us with all the information we could ever want to know about all the people who have previously had the same or similar thoughts, and where they took those thoughts, and what collective actions have been undertaken, and which ones are pending, etc.

We’ll soon be comparing our “Thought Maps” with the Maps of others to instantly assess our compatibility with potential business associates, personal connections, brands, products, books, movies, etc.

Comparing everything to our Thought Map will become the default filtering mechanism that our artificial intelligence will present us with options that are a match with our Thought Maps, and avoid and “deal killer” differences between our Thought Map and that of others that we’re asking our artificial intelligence assistant to evaluate.

Collective Commerce

  • Collective Thoughts
  • Collective Actions
  • Collective Commerce

Collective Actions

  • Collective Thoughts
  • Collective Actions
  • Collective Commerce

Systematizing Everything

The Uniting for Action System allows all of us to proactively co-create what we want all the time in alignment with our priorities and our values.

By systematizing everything we do, we’ll create a Collective Global Brain.

This transformational shift will allow us to finally effectively address our most dire and urgent challenges at the scale and scope necessary to create meaningful results.

Mind Blowing Transformations

As remarkable as it sounds, Uniting for Action is about to lead humanity into three monumental evolutionary shifts:

  • Systematization
  • Collectivism
  • Alignment

Watch the video to get
what a big deal this is.

Intentionally Evolving

The Uniting for Action System will host conversations around every Thought and Action.

Proposed solutions will evolve in conversation, and with the knowledge of collective experience, and best practice guidance.

Only by sharing the conversation can anyone else with a better solution show up. That’s why we’re making all of these conversations open to the world, so all the best ideas in the world can show up. What conversations are you going to be a part of helping us intentionally evolve?

Uniting for Action System

The first step to creating an intentionally co-created world is creating a system that facilitates that.

We’ve created that system. 


Here’s a link to the nine (and counting) volumes of synergistic solutions and strategies that Uniting for Action is currently working on.

* Important note: the Uniting for Action System prototype uses a very slow database. It may take up to 2 minutes for the page to load. The load time will be reduced to seconds once we complete a high-priority technology upgrade.

Uniting for Action Solutions and Strategies

After clicking the link, hover over the 👉, or click on an arrow, or click the Expand All button to see the different summaries available.

Click on a Volume to bring up a page of summaries of all the chapters in that Volume.

Uniting for Action Solutions
Uniting for Action provides solutions and support

Influencer Army

Because many Influencers have millions, or tens of millions of followers, mobilizing and coordinating Influencers is the quickest way to mobilize the masses.

Uniting for Action is literally raising an army of Influencers, from the generals on down to coordinate collective actions amongst their troops that will continuously create results at a scale unimaginable within today’s society.

By flexing our collective consumer muscles, we auto-correct capitalism to start serving the demands of the consumers as designed, instead of consumers being subjected to the wills of the corporations, as we have in today’s rapidly degenerating world.

Our collective ability to quickly change market conditions is how we quickly align Wall Street with the collective will of the people to survive and thrive in health and wellness.

With our societal financial incentives fully aligned around our priorities and values, we will be on the necessary path of health and regeneration of ourselves and the planet.