Step 1 – Create a Mind Map

Step 1 – Create a Mind Map

Creating the mind map of your world allows you to visually see and map all the different projects and visions you’re holding energy for.
From your complete map, you can narrow in on certain branches of the map that you want to focus your attention on for The Manifestation Process.
This helps you hone in on the visions that you want to commit your limited and precious time, energy, and resources to.
Mind Map - Burge Smith Lyons

The Manifestation Process Self-Service
Step 1 – Create a Mind Map
Step 2 – Choose a Vision
Step 3 – Identify Needed Resources
Step 4 – Inspire/Incentivize Resources
Step 5 – Inspire/Incentivize Referrers
Step 6 – Make Agreements

Case Studies

Burge Smith Lyons

Here’s a great two-minute video of Leadership Council member, Burge Smith Lyons, running through many aspects of her Essence of Being personal development and empowerment enterprise, and the mind map that was created afterwards just from reviewing this video clip.

Electric Token

Here’s a 17-minute video of Da’vid Abellard, from Electric Token, outlining all of the different aspects of their web3 business.

Electric Token is a digital hub leveling up the NFT/Metaverses while bridging the digital divide. They publish & curate unique NFT experiences amplifying BIPOC creators.

This is a client we’ve completed the first 5 steps of The Manifestation Process with.