The Manifestation Process

The Manifestation Process

Grounded Reality

We’re helping bring a grounded reality to your visions.

Planning Phase

Objectives of the Planning Phase:

  • Provide a reality check for the Vision.
  • Assemble a team of Analysts who help identify all of the necessary Stakeholders/Resources needed to achieve the Vision.
  • Provide a roadmap for the achievement of the Vision in the form of Plans.
  • Provide the information necessary for someone to choose to champion the Vision to the Recruitment Phase.

Step 1 – Say what you want – declare your vision/intention

  • Create a short description
    • Written
    • Video
  • Create a detailed description
    • Written
    • Video

Step 2 – Begin formulating a plan.

  • What stakeholders/resources do you need to attract?
  • Where do you find prospective stakeholders/resources?
  • What offers/incentives do you provide to secure their participation?

Step 3 – Solicit feedback and input on the plan.

  • Share the plan with analysts
    • Friends and family
    • Professionals with specialized expertise
  • Update the plan
  • Iterate as many times as necessary to feel secure with the plan

Recruitment Phase

Objectives of the Recruitment Phase:

  • Assemble a team of Vision Holders that support the vision, and will support the Vision being fulfilled in some way, especially by helping source (e.g., refer, recruit, etc.) the needed Stakeholders/Resources.
  • Assemble the team of Stakeholders needed to fulfill the Vision, along with commitments from each Stakeholder to do their part to achieve the Vision.

Step 4 – Share the plan with vision holders.

Step 5 – Manage vision holders sharing the plan with prospective stakeholders.

Step 6 – Manage the stakeholder enrollment (sales) process.

Management Phase

Objectives of the Management Phase:

  • Project Manage the execution of the Vision, including all Stakeholders, Vision Holders, and Analysts.
  • Share the Results with the world to enroll even more support to increase efforts and Results.

Step 7 – Manage the stakeholder onboarding and activation process.

Step 8 – Manage the project (execution of the plan) with all the stakeholders.

Step 9 – Manage the project expansion.

  • Use project results to invite and enroll additional vision holders and stakeholders