“Right now, no mechanism exists that we can all plug into
to organize our energies and our resources
to create what we want.

Because a system like that is necessary
to create what we want on a societal and global level,
creating that system is Higher Vibe Life’s top priority.”

– Jared Krupnick, Higher Vibe Life Founder

Action Plan

10-Step Action Plan

for creating a sustainable society and maintaining a habitable planet


  1. embrace challenges as opportunities
  2. reward cooperation, collaboration, and synergy
  3. find those that resonate
  4. create a comprehensive network
  5. pool Member resources
  6. integrate crowdsourcing technologies
  7. utilize social media to educate and inspire
  8. accelerate viral expansion through influencers
  9. align socioeconomic, political, and financial forces
  10. scale to necessary scope to overcome societal and global challenges

1. embrace challenges as opportunities

A lot of energy has been stirred up in our society lately.

Many of us can no longer be complacent about issues that are important to us.

Petitions, marches, and demonstrations, by nature, almost always oppose something.

Higher Vibe Life Members have experienced enough of what we don’t want.

We’re now inspired and motivated by the opportunity to help direct the the energy in society towards creating what we strongly desire.

2. reward cooperation, collaboration, and synergy

Our society has long embraced competition in a win-lose scenario.

This has created a lot of socioeconomic challenges, producing far more losers than winners in our society.

Many of us have been inspired to instead ask, “How can I create a win for myself, while simultaneously creating a win for others?”

Those of us that value this win-win type of approach – typified by seeking cooperation, collaboration, and synergy – and want to see it expand in our society, should pay close attention to the people and businesses that we chose to support with our time, energy, and money.

As we withdraw our support from those not in alignment with these ideals, and redirect our support towards those that are doing their best to embody and promote a win-win approach within our society, we create a positive feedback loop that connects success, prosperity, and growth to those that operate in these ways, eventually making it a social and business liability to not seek ways to work together for the common good of all.

This is how we create conscious evolution – making conscious choices to intentionally direct the evolution of our society.

3. find those that resonate

There is widespread awareness that we have to work together in cooperation, collaboration, and synergy to effectively address our societal and global challenges.

Those that embrace this are the early Members of Higher Vibe Life.

Many others, upon seeing inspiring and educational content, will immediately feel a resonance, and will become Members.

It is important that Higher Vibe Life Members do not seek to convince anyone to join us.

Our job is simply to:
– embody the principles that we are organizing around
– create a strong intentional alignment
– share inspiring and educational content and media
– and invite those that resonate with us to join us

4. create a comprehensive network

Every time people become aware of an issue, a multitude of parallel grass-roots efforts are born.

These efforts, by and large, repeat the same organizing that was done prior and will be done again around different issues that are of concern to many of the same people.

Given today’s modern technology and Internet connectivity, the duplication of efforts that are happening over and over is stunning.

How we have been responding as a society is highly inefficient and grossly ineffective.

Higher Vibe Life is now building one comprehensive network that includes everyone and includes all issues.

This system will allow everyone to instantly tune into the issues that are important to them, and take coordinated, collective actions with the others that share the same concerns, and want to create the same results.

5. pool Member resources

To build a system that allows us to effectively organize and coordinate our actions across society, we simply need everyone that wants to create this result to contribute to a collective pool of resources.

In every other aspect of society we understand that massive results requires massive investment of resources.

We have to stop living as if somehow this will all get worked out and taken care of by some yet-to-be-determined savior.  Who do we think is going to take care of this?

We have to take responsibility enough for our own lives and our own desires to align some of our resources with this result that we want.

In the beginning, we will be able to begin ramping up through each Member contributing a modest amount, such as $10/month, to allow us to hire programmers, video editors, social media administrators, etc.

In future phases of Higher Vibe Life, we will introduce additional mechanisms to generate and organize resources on a more massive and impactful level, eventually pooling resources from millions of Members and corporate supporters to effectively overcome societal and global issues that are currently beyond the scope of any existing organized entities.

We’re taking a crowdfunding approach, like Kickstarter or GoFundMe.  This is the same approach governments takes to providing public services, like roads, schools, and firefighters.

Each Member contributes a modest and manageable amount to our collective pool.

Many small contributions add up to the resources necessary to effectively create the results we all want.

6. integrate crowdsourcing technologies

It is imperative that we leverage crowdsourcing technologies – the same technologies that allow us to create and manage massive amounts of content on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon – to manage societal issues.

Because we currently lack an effective organizational system like this, most of us can’t keep up with any one issue, let alone all that we care about, enough for us to have a meaningful impact in the outcome of these issues.

Similarly to how all products are managed on Amazon, Higher Vibe Life is creating an efficient system of managing all issues, from women’s rights to global warming.

Members, using filters and alerts, can control what they see in a way that is manageable for them, without being overwhelmed by the information.

In this way, as a collective group, we can effectively manage all the issues that are important to us across our society.

7. utilize social media to educate and inspire

The most shared information on social media are inspiring videos and memes.

In order to effectively leverage this dynamic, a primary function of the Higher Vibe Life website will be to provide tools for Members to share educational and inspirational content through their social media channels and with their friends and family.

This already happens naturally, but the current sharing on social media typically does not lead to the opportunity to dive deeper into the shared issue, nor plug into an organizational system that will allow inspired viewers to take collective action.

These are the next-level ways that Higher Vibe Life Members will be using social media to educate and inspire their friends and family to plug into the issues that they care about, and take collective actions around the topics that are most important to them.

8. accelerate viral expansion through influencers

The people that have the largest and most engaged networks in our society, through their Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook followers are celebrity personalities from movies, television, music, videos, fashion, sports, news, business, etc.

These are the influencers of our society.

By earning the endorsement of and developing compelling content with these influencers, we can greatly accelerate the popularity and support for Higher Vibe Life.

Higher Vibe Life seeks to actively inspire and enroll the support of influencers at every level of society. This includes local influencers, influencers within specific communities, etc.

If you’re an influencer, or are connected to one, please let us know of your interest in accelerating the results we’re all creating together.

9. align socioeconomic, political,
and financial forces

In order to transform into a sustainable society, we need to successfully align sustainability with the socioeconomic, political, and financial forces that drive our society.

We need to make it very popular, politically advantageous, and highly profitable for the people, politicians, and corporations to align their support behind sustainable practices and policies.

This happens when we grow our Membership base into millions of people whose combined and aligned purchasing power will be very visible and highly coveted.

By supporting and rewarding with our votes and our consumer dollars in a demonstrative and quantifiable way, a snowball effect will develop where more and more businesses will court our consumer purchasing bloc as it becomes more and more profitable to do so.

We will eventually grow this dynamic to where some of the largest corporations, like banks, energy companies, auto makers, etc. will want to be the first in their industry to be recognized for being leaders for sustainability.

In recognition of this, more and more “Wall Street money” will shift from businesses that are lagging behind to businesses that are leading the way.

This is already happening to a certain degree, but not so much yet that many “traditional” corporations are abandoning damaging practices.

It is also important that we, as consumers, take a hard look at the gasoline we are burning every day, the electricity we are using, the plastic we are buying, etc. and curtail our demand for the products and processes that are not in alignment with our ideals.

Once we organize and align our Members in ways that can clearly be measured by corporations, Wall Street investors, and government officials, our leverage and influence on decisions and policies will increase immeasurably, and move us into a positive feedback loop that will achieve sustainability.

* NOTE:  The video below, featuring the President of the European Commission (the Executive Branch of the European Union), was published on YouTube 10 years ago.

Unfortunately, this underscores the ineffectiveness of existing global structures to adequately address our global challenges.

10. scale to necessary scope to overcome societal and global challenges

We have to organize and synergize our efforts, and keep scaling up.

individuals -> groups -> businesses -> communities -> corporations -> industries -> regions -> societies -> global

Scaling to the necessary scope to overcome societal and global challenges is a self-defining statement.

If we don’t scale to the necessary scope, there is no way to overcome the overwhelming challenges we’ve been facing.

If we want to maintain a functional society and a habitable planet, we have to get on the same page and work together to create the world we want to live in now.

We can’t afford to wait.

Let’s do this!