Team for Action

  • media management
    • ensuring coverage by all major television, radio, newspaper, magazine, and Internet media
    • supporting media coverage in all local markets
      • providing press releases, a playbook, and other support for generating local media
      • a support team to support local agents working to contact local media
      • develop a media list of contacts (to be shared with participating organizations?)
  • media production
    • collecting and creating videos, memes, art, and other media to be shared
  • social media management
    • creation and implementation of a social media strategy designed to:
      • inspire people to virally share
      • solicit in advance, and secure the participation of social media influencers, including celebrities
  • creating a consistent program at all physical rallies, including:
    • representatives from participating organizations
    • governmental representatives
    • climate experts
    • celebrity spokespeople – entertainers, sports figures, etc.
    • professional photography and videography, with appropriate agreements to ensure ownership of content
    • media coverage

Public Relations Team which works on media coverage for the whole Month for Action campaign, including all events at both a national and local level.

The team divides work between contacting and following up with national media, as well as providing centralized support for local media outreach by local organizers.

Watch for Action National Coordinating Team

(This is where we create scripts, and have a national theater organizing team to help coordinate local chapters working with theaters.  See if we can get a national theater chain to be our preferred chain.)

We’re going to train local chapters how to promote better, posting to groups (we’ll have each local organizing team submit local groups), etc.


Come up with roles for each element of the campaign, putting a call out for people to fill the roles (along with a form receiving requests from people to fill roles).

Teams of people needed.

All the management and communications roles


Video content production

Permissions from theaters to hand out info at screenings

Set up announcements/presentations after screenings