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Step 1 – Create a Mind Map

Creating the Mind Map of your world allows you to visually see, and visually map all the different projects and visions you are holding energy for in your life.
From your complete map, you can narrow in on certain branches of the mind map that you want to focus your attention on for The Manifestation Process.

Step 2 – Choose a Vision

In order to focus your attention on creating specific and tangible results in as short a timeframe as possible, you must choose a clear vision that allows you to define the outside resources you will need the support of in order to achieve your vision.
Your vision could be as long-range and broad as building a series of progressive communities around the world to as near-term and specific as filling your online workshop with attendees, or attracting specific clients. 

Step 3 – Identify Needed Resources

Narrow in on all of the critical resources and roles that you are defining that have to be filled in order for your vision to be realized.
This’s the necessary “bringing a grounded reality” to your vision, because until you create agreements with every resource type that you define is necessary, your vision is just a dream. That is the heavy lift that’s required for a vision. Which visions will you commit to, and declare for the world that you’re working on it?

Electric Token

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We publish & curate unique NFT experiences amplifying BIPOC creators.

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