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Katherine Krebs

Katherine Krebs is an experienced Sales, Marketing and Customer Service professional with a proven success working in the software/technology and hospital & health care industry. 

Krebs graduated with a Masters degree in Marketing from Northwestern University.  After graduating she was marketing director for South Florida Commuter Services, the tri-county rideshare program that is responsible for removing thousands of drivers off the roads to help reduce carbon emissions. Following that she worked for a tech start up, Emergin, where she coordinated national events and all marketing activities, leading to the sale of the company to Philips Healthcare in 2007 for $70M.

Following Emergin, she has directed marketing and sales activities for large companies such as Nuance and Liberty Mutual. Today Krebs works for one of the leading providers of services for the nation’s healthcare insurance brokers. She is also psssionate about Uniting for Action and Convention of States, both initiatives that have  tremendous potential to make a huge impact on the state of our world.

The Katherine Krebs Playlist

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Crystalizing what Uniting for Action is Offering on 2/3/22 (1:13:20)

Catching up and charging forward!  👏🌟🙌

Brainstorming on 12/8/21 (1:14:13)

There’s always more to talk about than there’s time.  👍🌟👏

Future Building on 11/24/21 (1:16:36)

Another epic conversation between Jared and Kat!  🙌

A lot of magic is taking root.

Epic First Meeting on 11/17/21 (2:06:36)

There was so much knowingness and resonance from the very first meeting!

Kat declared she was all in, and she’s been a key co-creator on the Leadership Council since then.

From the beginning, Kat consistently offered support above and beyond most people, which inspired Jared to offer her the first Executive Team member role within Uniting for Action.  👏🌟🙏

Some Highlights…

Being a Leader (2:55)

We’re working constantly on bringing forth our best as a society…

Constantly tweaking what that looks like, but all of us being committed to that ideal.

That’s very different than the status quo prevents us from getting to scale because of the underlying infrastructure.

Our current reality cannot compete in any way with this new reality that those of us that are coming together can create.

Thought Leadership Framework (:36)

Addressing Issues (1:04)

Framework/Prospective Solutions (:42)

Opening the Channels (1:21)