Leadership Council Meeting – 12/16/21

Council Priorities

Here are our priorities for the Leadership Council.

We’ve included resources on this page to effectively address each of these.


  1. Set up your @UnitingForAction email on your phone/computer so you can join our Slack discussion. (instructions at the bottom of this page)
  2. Begin to identify and define the 3-month project that you can uniquely accomplish while on the Leadership Council (Include what you’re seeking, and what you’re offering in return.). Define how you want to leverage, and what you want to share with:
    1. The Leadership Council
    2. Your network
    3. Our extended membership network
  3. Identify specific people you’re going to refer to Uniting for Action for:
    1. The Executive Team
    2. The Leadership Council
    3. Patrons

Meeting Recording

Uniting for Action Leadership Council meeting on Thursday, 12/16/21.

Meeting Recording Epilogue

Here’s the recording of the short meeting immediately following our Uniting for Action Leadership Council meeting on Thursday, 12/16/21.
Dylan and Riko stuck around after the Leadership Council meeting to address specific things, including:
  • Getting our team Slack up and running
  • Different prospective forum/discussion board platforms we can use, such as:
    • Reddit
    • GitHub

Leadership Council Projects

As we discussed in the Leadership Council meeting, we’re going to facilitate each of the Leaders on the Council specifying a Project that they’re going to take on during their 3-month term on the Leadership Council.

To complete, or make substantial progress on, a specific project (personal, professional, philanthropic, etc.) that is important to each Leadership Council member, the Leadership Council Projects are an opportunity to leverage:

  • The Leadership Council members
  • The UnitingForAction.com technology platform
  • The extended Uniting for Action membership network

Leadership Council Referrals

We’re asking Leadership Council members to refer three types of prospects to Uniting for Action right now:

  • Executive Team members
  • Leadership Council members
  • Patrons

The following video defines what we’re seeking in each of these types of prospects so that each of the Leadership Council members can start making a list of the people they know that they want to refer to Uniting for Action in each of these categories.

Email Setup

Each Leadership Council member has been given a Uniting For Action email address to use for all communications related to Uniting for Action. Please use this email address only when communicating with anyone inside or outside of Uniting For Action regarding Uniting For Action.

To ensure a saved history of all communications, and quality control of Uniting For Action communications, Jared Krupnick (and appropriate Uniting For Action staff and/or volunteers) will have access to all emails sent and received through your Uniting For Action email account, so please do not use this account to send or receive any personal, confidential, or sensitive information.

To ensure an archive of all sent and received Uniting For Action emails, please never delete any Inbox or Sent emails from your Uniting For Action email account.

You can check your Uniting For Action email on your phone, computer, tablet, etc., or via the web interface at: http://mail.UnitingForAction.com/

Here’s how to set up your email address in your phone, computer, tablet, etc.



In order to keep our branding consistent, and make reading our website domain name easier – whenever you are typing or sharing your email address, you are to use the following format:

FirstL@UnitingForAction.com – where ‘First’ is your first name, and ‘L’ is your last name initial.

It is imperative that you always follow the five capitalizations as shown in the format (F, L, U, F, A).

Your temporary password is set as Temp1234!


When you’re setting up your email account in an email program, like Apple Mail, or Microsoft Outlook, or on your phone, select IMAP as your account type. You will use m03.internetmailserver.net as both your incoming mail server and outgoing mail server.


Below are instructions on how to set up your Uniting For Action email on Mac, iPhone / iPad, and Outlook (on Mac).



  1.   Open Mail. Under the Mail menu, click either Add Account or Preferences → Accounts → + (at the bottom left of the tab).
  2.   Choose ‘Other Mail Account…’ as your Mail account provider.
  3.   Enter your email address and the temporary password.
  4.   Select IMAP as your account type. You will use m03.internetmailserver.net as both your incoming mail server and outgoing mail server.
  5.   Click Sign In.



iPhone / iPad

  1.   Tap Settings → Mail → Accounts → Add Account.
  2.   Select Other → Add Mail Account.
  3.   Enter your full name, email address, and your password. The description box should be automatically filled once you have entered your email address. Tap Next.
  4.   Choose IMAP, then enter m03.internetmailserver.net as the Host Name of both your incoming mail server and outgoing mail server. Your User Name should be your full Uniting For Action email address.
  5.   Tap Next, then Save.


Outlook (on Mac)

  1.   Open Outlook. Under the Outlook menu, click Preferences → Accounts → + (at the bottom left) → New Account.
  2.   Enter your email address.
  3.   Click Continue, then Choose the Provider. Select IMAP.
  4.   Enter your password.
  5.   Enter m03.internetmailserver.net as your incoming server and outgoing server.
  6.   Click Add Account.

Slack Setup

In order to maximize our productivity as a Leadership Council, we’re going to use Slack as our ongoing communication platform.

Each Leadership Council member has been invited to join our team Slack through their FirstL@UnitingForAction.com email address.

Google Account Setup

In order to access our Uniting for Action Google Drive, the workspace for our organization, each Leadership Council member must create a Google account (separate from any Google accounts you may already have) using their assigned UFA email address (FirstL@UnitingForAction.com).

Here’s how to set up your Google account:

  1.   Go to Google.com and click Sign In.
  2.   Click Create Account, then For Myself.
  3.   Enter your first and last names.
  4.   Click ‘Use my current email address instead’ and enter your FirstL@UnitingForAction.com email.
  5.   Enter and confirm your password before clicking Next.
  6.   You will be asked to verify your email address. Enter the code that was sent to your FirstL@UnitingForAction.com email and click Verify.
  7.   Enter your personal information and click Next.
  8.   You will be directed to the Privacy and Terms page. Once you have gone through them, click I Agree.


Once you have set up your Google Drive account, please email JaredK@UnitingForAction.com to give you access to the team’s Google Drive Account. You will receive an email notification to your FirstL@UnitingForAction.com email with a link to access the team Google Drive.