Taking a Systematic Approach

Our current societal systems prevent us from addressing our biggest global challenges at the scale necessary to make a difference urgently enough to prevent catastrophic ecosystem destruction, environmental toxicity, worsening natural disasters, and other mortal threats to life on our planet.

We could, as an alternative, take a systematic approach to addressing all issues.

This would allow us to:

  • pool collective resources
  • be guided by experts
  • develop and implement collective strategic solutions

Addressing Issues at Scale

We are introducing a framework to allow all issues, especially our biggest global challenges, to be most efficiently, and effectively addressed in a collective strategic Way. That allows our best effort as a society to be provided.

Uniting for Action it’s made up of the stakeholders uniting for action to develop and implement collective strategic solutions to address issues at scale:

Uniting for Action it’s made up of those of us uniting for action around the issues we care about:

  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Experts
  • Students
  • Nonprofits
  • Influencers
  • Others:
    • Universities
    • Foundations
    • Media
    • Influencers

We’re utilizing and refining a framework that allows us to leverage the power of the collective, and leverage economies of scale, to systematize the way we address issues. 

We’re working with students to develop, refine, and systematize models of implementations of the framework 

Addressing Issues at Scale

Uniting for Action has been created to address issues, big and small.

The nonprofit system is an inappropriate system for the scale and urgency of our challenges.

Our current non-profit sector of society is insufficient 


The founder, Jared Krupnick…

Getting Worse, Not Better

What do these issues have in common?

  • climate crisis
  • pollution
  • deforestation
  • species extinction
  • ecosystem destruction
  • health equity
  • hate crimes