Inspirational Energy

find you know find your why you know
that why do you care about anything
enough that you’re willing to take
action right and that’s the thing is
like some people may not care about a
framework they might not care about you
know the water they might not care about
this but they care about this right and
whatever it is that they care about
like that needs to be a mechanism in
this whole process to help
help people uncover their why and really
tap into their why because that’s where
the energy that drives this system comes
from right like that’s the fire in the
belly that makes this whole thing go so
as much as we can provide
mechanisms videos whatever it is
to help people really tap into that
inspiration i actually and we won’t get
into it now but it is a whole nother
realm that i’ve gone really deep in the
past into which is inspirational energy
what i’m talking right now is tapping
into inspirational energy and yes and
and there’s so much
energy in the world in all of the
suppressed infra inspirational energy
and all the people on the planet because
as you know
so many people are living this nine to
five life where there is no inspiration
not let’s for some people know
other people different levels but
far far less when you go across society
than what people would be experiencing
if they were in a state of inspiration
all day long every day right right
so the difference in what they have to
work with and what they’re bringing to
the world is is to me it’s the vast
reserves that are beyond you know like
oil and energy on the planet like if we
want to talk about the most you know
reserve of of results on the planet it’s
in inspirational energy that’s locked
inside of people that we are going to do
all kinds of things to unlock for people
yeah for sure and by unlocking all of
that inspirational energy we are going
to have a whole different world to live
in just from that alone