Information for Action

Transforming Information Processing

The Information for Action system is a paradigm-shifting online information management and dissemination system.

It systematizes the way we process information. It allows us to process more information, more quickly, efficiently, and effectively than our existing systems by leveraging the power of crowdsourcing efforts.

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Information Silos

Currently, there’s an unbelievable amount of research and learning being repeated over and over again – thousands of times every day – because almost all of our efforts exist within an individual or organizational silo.

Everyone outside of our silo has next to no awareness of, nor access to, what we’ve each spent a lot of time and energy processing.

Eliminating Redundant Efforts

We’re wasting literally millions and millions of hours each week that we could be using productively instead of using it repeating work that has already been done over and over by others.

Imagine how much more progress we could make on our most challenging issues once we have millions of hours per week available to be put to productive use.

Crowdsourcing Efforts

Information for Action allows users to contribute an hour, or even just 5 minutes at a time, to a crowdsourced, shared effort – collectively channeling millions of hours into productive work that makes a tangible difference.

We can now record and document our work in a way that everyone else can benefit from, and use as a foundation for their own efforts.

No longer do we each have to find our own way through an endless sea of information. Every one of us is now an explorer, extending the map of the territory for the next.

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Unlocking Collective Intelligence

By providing a common shared workspace, we’re no longer acting as individual brain cells, processing information in isolation from all the other brain cells.

This allows us, for the first time, to leverage the massive processing power of our collective intelligence, to effectively address our shared challenges.

Addressing Shared Challenges

Information for Action allows us to address the collective societal challenges that we’ve been unable to reign in, like the climate crisis, plastics in our oceans, and deforestation.

It can also provide us with the information we seek to answer personal questions that many before us have already asked and researched, like, “Under what conditions is it safe to send my child to school?”

Vaccine Considerations Project

Mapping a Vast Information Landscape

The more one drills down into the details around any issue, the more broad concepts get fractured and splintered.

In order to sort through all of these details, it’s necessary to have a system which effectively maps all the details, options, and forks in the road – allowing everyone to see the same map of the sea of information everyone is trying to navigate.

Information for Action acts as a mapping system, allowing all of us to get on the same page within a vast and convoluted landscape of information.

Whenever anyone discovers any Information (news, video, etc.) that they find valuable within this sea of information, they can easily add it to the Information for Action system by copying and pasting the website address into the system.

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Collecting Individual Efforts

Once Information has been added, users of the system can then:

  • Recommend the Information
  • Comment on the Information
  • Connect other Information
  • Share the Information

In this way, the processing of the Information by others is captured, collected, and made available to everyone else.

Information for Action

Collectively Creating a Matrix

Using the system, whenever anyone has as little as 5 or 10 minutes to help further the conversation, they aren’t starting from scratch – they’re beginning where everyone else left off.

Whatever Recommendations, Comments, and Connections they add become enduring contributions – like markers on the trail – providing useful data and insight for everyone else.

This process converts the previously overwhelming sea of information into a useful, organized Matrix of Information.

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Guidance Provided

The Information for Action system not only builds a valuable central clearinghouse for information, but it also provides helpful guidance about that information.

The system provides:

  • statistical information – cumulative statistics across the entire user base
  • interpretive information – seeing what’s Recommended, Commented on, and Connected by selected users
Information for Action

Statistical Information

The system provides the statistical information needed to optimize our use of time:

  • What’s the most recommended?
  • What’s the most connected?
  • What’s the most commented on?
Information for Action

Interpretive Information

Using the system, every user can navigate the entire Matrix of Information, laying down markers – Recommendations, Comments, and Connections – that creates an individualized map of the landscape.

The system allows anyone to filter the Information Matrix to see it through the eyes of another user by viewing that user’s individualized map.

This allows everyone to see where everyone else stands – each user’s evaluation and interpretation of the information.

Information for Action

Drawing Conclusions

By viewing the maps of known users – colleagues, experts, influencers, businesses, organizations, and leaders – one can easily review the information they find valuable.

Assessing this Interpretive Information, in combination with the Statistical Information, facilitates drawing personal conclusions about the information.

Information for Action

Dissemination Tools

Information for Action has been designed to work in conjunction with social media platforms to facilitate information dissemination. Information for Action provides the tools to share any information within the system via over 180 different social media platforms or via email.

Information for Action

Revolutionary Transformation

Information for Action provides a collective workspace where we can now all pool all of our efforts, collecting and channeling millions of currently disconnected hours of effort.

We can map a disorganized sea of information into a useful Matrix of Information.

We can harness the full power of our collective intelligence, each of us providing statistical and interpretive guidance for everyone else.

Now we can all work together, uniting and synergizing our efforts to more effectively address our shared challenges.

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