Case Study
– Where Do We Go From Here?

Information for Action Functionality

Uniting for Action has used the the two-part Oprah special “Where Do We Go From Here?” to create an illustrative example of the functionality and value of the Information for Action system.

Featuring Each Participant

We’ve divided the video by participant, so that anyone interested in seeing what any one participant had to say can view just their segments.

Key Moments

We’ve further analyzed each participant’s segments to pull out what we found to be key moments.  We created an individual shareable piece of information for each key moment to encourage people to share that moment as a sound bite.

The idea is to create more impact and more viral sharing for the entire program by presenting it in a way that is much easier to capture people’s attention, a minute or two at a time via shares on social media.

Creating a Matrix of Information

We’ve further connected Information directly to the participants and to key moments so that additional information is available right away, and in context for the viewer.

We’ve connected all the segments, key moments, and resources together using the Connected Information feature within the Information for Action system to demonstrate on a small scale what a Matrix of Information looks like.

This shows how much more functional a Matrix of Information is than a sea of information without an underlying structure to it.

A Visual Map of the Matrix of Information

Here’s a visual representation of the Matrix of Information that has been created by Uniting for Action within the Information for Action system.

Anyone can do this. Also, now everyone can add to and expand this Information Matrix.

Note:  For this visual map, only Bishop Barber’s Matrix of Information has been expanded, although each of the other ten participants have a similar Matrix within the Information for Action system.

Information for Action Branches
of the Matrix of Information

Here’s how Information for Action uses a branched tree to allow users to navigate through the Matrix of Information.

This is the live “Connected Information with Connected Information Branches” view generated by the Information for Action system that can be found on this page: Bishop William Barber’s participation on “Where Do We Go From Here?” conversation with Oprah

Anyone Can Do This

Everything Uniting for Action has done to enter and Connect all of this Information could be done by any user of the system at any time with any Information. We have simply used the tools available to all users of the system.

What we have presented now becomes a starting point for everyone else – all users of Information for Action have the ability to add more Connected Information, as well as Recommend and add Comments to everything in the system.

Creating an Engaged Community Collaboration

Up until now, sharers of Information were in a one-way communication with their audience.

The Information for Action system now allows sharers to use what they are sharing as the starting point for an engaged collective community collaboration.