Earth Day 2024

Beginning to Turn Things Around

Let’s start creating results on a whole new scale because we can.

This is how we create a new society, and we get to do it now!

South Florida as a Launching Pad

We’re systematizing creating events and content so you can plug yourself into whatever role you want to play in our massive collective actions.

An Evolutionary Leap!

Opportunities for all of us to create content and take collective actions at a scale that creates massive results.

Plug Yourself In

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Pre-Launch Pioneers

Be one of the people and/or businesses leading us to a much brighter future!

Individuals: $33

Businesses: $99

Earn a badge that will forevermore commemorate you as one of the 100 Pre-Launch Pioneers.

Support Now

None of us can do this on our own, but we can all do it together.

Please contribute an amount that represents how important and urgent it is to you that we start working together to take collective actions at the scale and scope necessary to create meaningful results.

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Life on our planet thanks you!

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