Vaccine Considerations Project Details 

Vaccine Considerations Project


The Vaccine Considerations Project has been created to highlight health and safety throughout the COVID-19 vaccine evaluation process.


We’re working to make sure that all health and safety concerns are given due consideration.

We’re creating a repository of information for everyone contemplating getting a vaccine, and for those advising them, that comprehensively addresses health concerns and considerations.

Health and Safety

The Vaccine Considerations Project mission is two-fold. While the COVID vaccines are being evaluated, and authorized for Emergency Use Authorization, we’re focusing on ensuring that all health and safety concerns backed by science are given due consideration. The Matrix of Concerns we’ve created is a simplified example of the type of deep analysis we’re doing.

Vaccine Considerations Project Matrix of Concerns

FDA Advisory Committee

The Vaccine Considerations Project founder, Jared Krupnick, was given the opportunity to be one of the few outside presenters to the FDA Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) on December 10th.

Our Senior Medical Advisor, Board Certified Pediatrician, Dr. David Berger, also separately presented to the FDA Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) on December 10th.

We received extremely supportive media attention in South Florida, as well as where Dr. Berger’s practice is located, in Tampa.

Dr. Berger again presented to the FDA Advisory Committee on December 17th, and again received substantial media coverage.

Leading the 6pm News in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale

See the very supportive news coverage we received of our presentations to the FDA Advisory Committee December 10th.

WSVN news coverage of Vaccine Considerations Project presentations to the FDA Advisory Committee on Dec. 10, 2020

Information for Action

The second phase of our mission is to provide consumer and physician-oriented health and medical information to those considering getting a COVID vaccine, as well as those advising others about it (e.g., physicians, public health officials, media, etc.). In the coming weeks we’ll be launching the beta version of a revolutionary custom-programmed Information for Action platform to support the organization and sharing of the health and medical information in ground-breaking ways.

Information for Action
Uniting for Action virtually visited a course filled with eager public health graduate students at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

National Student Team

In addition to our Advisory Team, which also includes Dr. Eric C. Brown, Ph.D., an Associate Professor teaching Prevention Science courses at the University of Miami, who serves as our Implementation Science Advisor, our team is made up of a quickly-growing national Team of medical school and graduate school students, most pursuing advanced degrees in Public Health.

We began the project the last week in October with six students who attend the University of Miami, and in the following weeks, we’ve expanded to include students from several universities across the country.

We’re anticipating expanding to dozens of students from many more universities in the coming weeks. This recent article in the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Department of Public Health Sciences newsletter provides a good encapsulation of our student-led efforts.

Marshaling Our Resources

The students are organizing into teams, from research to outreach, to accomplish every aspect of our project.

The students, most of whom are dedicating their lives to Medicine or Public Health, seeing the dire circumstances that COVID has created in our country, are coming together to do whatever they can in this moment. They’re devoting countless hours to make a real difference, saving as many lives as they possibly can.

Having already garnered the attention of the FDA Advisory Committee (VRBPAC), the energy and commitment of our students and leadership team are putting us on track for rapid growth in national visibility, influence, and impact in the coming weeks and months.

If you’d like to make an important national impact on public health, health literacy, health disparities, vaccine hesitancies, and patient outcomes during this once-in-a-lifetime global crisis, then join us!

Vaccine Considerations Project