Choose for Action

  • personal actions that people can take
  • collective actions that people can take
  • political accountability – Vote for Action
    • scorecard of voting record by local, state, and national representatives
      • distributed in paper form at events
      • online at, or at a partner’s website that already has that capability or can ready it in time
    • statements and participation by sitting representatives and candidates
  • corporate accountability
    • bringing awareness to organizations that are being positive and negative role models as environmental stewards

Corporations are Responding to Consumer Demand

The corporations and the politicians are only responding to the demands being created by the consumers.  If the consumers want a different outcome, they need to create a new set of demands.  Until the consumers are willing to change the ways they live, it may not be reasonable to expect that the corporations, and the support that flow from them, will lead the way with change.

It is the job of corporations to be responsive to consumer demand.  Not the other way around.  You cannot expect corporations to build a business on a hypothetical demand.  The demand has to be created first, and then the corporations will come forward to accommodate it.