Be the Change

Change Agents

Change Agents are committed
to transforming the systems
that have created or perpetuated
the challenges we face.

Empowering Change Agents

Uniting for Action is committed
to leveraging your time and energy
to maximize your impact
to transform the world the way you want.

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Utilizing Information for Action

Leveraging Your Energy

Utilizing the Information for Action system has been designed to be one of the most effective ways of leveraging your time and energy to make an impact in the world.

The Information for Action system
has been designed to be both
extremely powerful,
and at the same time,
incredibly simple
to use.

Incredibly Simple

In as little as 30 seconds, anyone can find the most Recommended Information around an issue they care about, and Share it to the social media platform of their choice.

Extremely Powerful

Any individual or organization who’s interested in contributing to the collective intelligence can assemble a Matrix of Information around any issue they choose.

Being the Change

Just like with any tool, the Information for Action system can only make an impact when it’s used.

Whether you only have a few minutes to use the simple Sharing features, or whether you want to be a leader of others by mapping the Information landscape, Information for Action gives you the ability to Be the Change you want to see in the world.

Being an Active User

Contributing to the collective intelligence – adding Information, Recommendations, Comments, Connections, Information, and Insights to the system – is a powerful way to be a Change Agent.

The more users that are creating value for themselves and others, the more others will be encouraged to join and use the Information for Action system to accelerate how we’re addressing critical issues.

Being an Influencer

You’re already an influencer within your network of influence – whether your network includes a massive following on social media, or just a small group of friends and family.

You can leverage your influence by directing people’s attention to the issues they care about – or the issues you’d like people to care more about – within the Information for Action system.

You can amplify the impact of the Information assembled within the Information for Action system by bringing people’s attention to it by Sharing from within the system.

Expanding Your Influence

Use the Share buttons to easily:

  • Share Information
  • Share a Comment
  • Share a Stakeholder
  • Share a Query

The system rewards merit with attention. Providing value to others through your Shares and contributions to the collective intelligence naturally builds a following.

How much people appreciate, Recommend, Connect, and Share your Comments and Insights directly translates to leadership as your influence expands.

Being a Leader

The Information for Action system gives you the ability to direct your followers’ attention to the map of the Information Matrix that you’ve created through your Connections, Recommendations, Comments, and Insights.

The system allows you to leverage all the work that’s already been done by the community. You can easily review the Information that’s statistically risen to the top, or is Recommended by others whose judgement you value.

By being able to tap into the collective intelligence of the community, you don’t have to take the time and energy to process everything yourself.

With much of the legwork already done for you by the community, you can easily Recommend, Comment on, and Connect Information within the system that meets your criteria for warranting your attention.

Expanding Your Leadership

Leveraging all the work that’s already been done by the community exponentially expands your ability to process and provide guidance about information compared to any other existing system.

The Information for Action system also gives you the ability to help direct the collective efforts of the community. Use your leadership to begin or expand conversations, and the Information processing efforts of others, within the system.

Creating Insights are especially useful in this regard, as you can share unique perspectives, and assemble collections of Connected Information.  This lets you easily find the others that are in alignment with your ideas through their Recommendations, Comments, and Connections to your Insights.

Because social media posts are so temporary, buried by other posts within days or weeks, your individualized map of the Information Matrix is how you build an enduring and growing encyclopedic record of the Information you value and support with regard to specific issues.

As followers are looking to leaders for guidance, providing valuable maps of the Information Matrix within the Information for Action system is one of the best way to convert others’ trust and respect into the detailed guidance that leads to transformational change.

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Beyond Using Information for Action

Paradigm Shift

After many months of behind-the-scenes development, Uniting for Action has launched the Information for Action system as a game-changing paradigm shift for society.

It completely revolutionizes our ability to coordinate and take collective actions by transforming the way we manage and align around ideas and information.

Marshaling Support

Now that we’re sharing this new vision of what’s possible with the Information for Action system, we’re eager to connect and create with those that want to see this new future realized as quickly as possible.

You can support via:

  • time/talent
  • finances
  • relationships

Time / Talents
– Actively Seeking Everyone

Building a new world takes every skill and talent under the sun.

We’re working to build as big a team as rapidly as possible.

We need everyone to show up, offering what they can uniquely provide.

Even if you don’t have a skill in mind, we have plenty of inspiring opportunities for anyone who can offer their time.

We’re very eager to connect and create with those that want to be a part of the diverse team of individuals, organizations, and businesses working together to create this revolutionary future.

Reach out to us at to let us know how you’d like fit into a new vision for what we can create together.

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Financial Support

The Information for Action system has been designed to be a crowdsourced and crowdfunded endeavor.

The system makes full use of the ability to leverage our collective intelligence by having everyone contribute in a crowdsourced environment.

Similarly, we’re employing a crowdfunding approach to the platform, asking all that receive value from the existing platform, as well as would like to receive the value of future updates and added functionality to contribute to building the platform.

Please contribute an amount in alignment with your desire to and commitment to seeing us achieve the results we seek before another person experiences the devastating consequences of our persistent inadequate responses.

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We all know people that could make a difference if they chose to apply their resources to our common cause.

You can significantly multiply your impact by not only contributing your own time, talents, and finances, but also by encouraging and enrolling other people you know to do the same.

This could be as simple as sharing our efforts on your social media accounts to personally reaching out to the CEO’s, celebrities, politicians, civic leaders, and influencers that you’re connected with that you know could make a difference.

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Creating Win-Win’s

When you connect with your relationships, create opportunities for their involvement in such a way that they’re inspired to connect with us.

We want to create win-win’s for us all.

Uniting our efforts is how we can create the world we each want to live in.

Email us at for support in reaching out.

Some important connections for us:

  • prospective team members
  • financial supporters
  • organizations
  • foundations
  • businesses
  • sponsors
  • civic leaders
  • influencers
  • celebrities
  • media

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Thank you for Being the Change
you want to see in the world!

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