We’re developing a comprehensive, collective strategic plan that organizes and coordinates all stakeholders’ efforts and outreach to maximize impact and results.

The plan specifies efforts in the following areas: strategy; organizing; fundraising; management; technology; and media.

The plan coordinates messaging and outreach to: potentially impacted families; legislators; news media; etc.


The legislators, media, and community need to identify the leaders in order to follow them.

How are you willing to lead?

Action for Disabilities features those who are leading.

Strategy Team

Have a Strategy Team, and a Strategy Executive Team. The Strategy Executive Team is made up of representatives from the influential organizations

  • Be on the strategy team
    • Limited to a small number of people
    • Mostly reserved for high-level contributors
      • As an indicator of their leadership or desire for leadership within the community
    • We’re organizing a strategy team made up of:
      • stakeholders
      • issue experts
      • campaign developers
    • Determines the strategic goals (areas of emphasis) in the short and long terms
    • Figures out ways to utilize available resources to achieve strategic objectives
    • Determines when available resources are not sufficient to achieve objectives, what additional resources are required, and prospective sources of those resources
    • Figures out what pre-conditions need to be satisfied in order to achieve objectives
      • Creates strategies for achieving pre-conditions
    • What qualifications, expertise, and experience do you have to contribute?
  • Be on the strategy support team
    • Does research
      • Helps survey and establish what resources are available to the Strategy Team to help achieve strategic objectives
    • Provides liaisonship between the strategy team and other teams
      • this actually falls more under the Management category, but with a specialization on strategy


Our strategic approach:

  • stakeholders
  • issue experts
  • strategy specialists
  • campaign development professionals


Our strategic approach:

  • stakeholders
  • issue experts
  • strategy specialists
  • campaign development professionals

Other Stakeholders

Our strategic approach:

  • stakeholders
  • issue experts
  • strategy specialists
  • campaign development professionals

We’re creating:

  • awareness
  • education
  • action

Via collected and produced content:

  • reports
  • analysis
  • articles
  • television news stories
  • videos
  • memes
  • social media posts

For the following audiences:

  • waiver funding recipients
  • recipient families
  • individuals on the waiver waitlist
  • families of waitlisted individuals
  • friends
  • advocates
  • groups of advocates
  • waiver support coordinators
  • waiver provider businesses
  • waiver provider organizations
  • involved agencies
  • media outlets
  • legislators
  • public

Via the following outreach channels:

  • agencies
  • organizations
  • businesses
  • support coordinators
  • advocacy groups
  • media outlets
  • sponsors
  • subscribers

Medicaid Waiver iBudget Redesign

What’s happening?

The Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD), in conjunction with the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), has been directed by the Florida legislature to develop a plan to redesign the waiver program.

The Concerns

Many families, organizations, and advocacy groups are very concerned about how this could potentially significantly and detrimentally impact beneficiaries.

The Response

The disabilities community, historically described as fragmented, is uniting in one clear and powerful voice to demand that the community is treated with the dignity, respect, services, and funding it deserves.