Existing Shortcomings

Uniting for Action is addressing one of the biggest shortcomings of almost all existing online and social media platforms that host discussions, such as Facebook Groups or Timelines – that they exist in a “stream of consciousness” format.

Extremely Limited View

Anyone accessing any of those posts or discussions can only tune into the current conversation, and can only glean information about past discussions by scrolling back as far in time as their attention span will allow.

For any discussions or feeds with a moderate amount of posting this is an inefficient and ineffective way to access information.

The Past is Lost

In most cases most of the valuable information that once appeared in the discussion or on the timeline, including all the resources, links, videos, and documents that were once shared, is now “lost” to history, buried under a mountain of subsequent posts, never to be seen again.

The Solution

An Ever-Growing Library

We’re overcoming these shortcomings by linking discussions with Issues, Resources, Analysis, etc. so that all discussions around all topics can be part of a continuum, in an ever growing library of Resources, Analysis, etc. that facilitate deep dives, evaluations, assessments, positions, and appropriate actions.