The Challenge

Complex Issues

Part of the challenge with addressing multi-dimensional issues, like the Florida iBudget Redesign, is that there are many different provisions of the plan.

Most individuals and organizations don’t universally support, nor universally oppose, all the provisions in the plan.

Everyone will have some things that they support, and some things that they oppose.

Limited Analysis

Right now, the only form of analysis available are the very few point-by-point analyses provided by organizations that have the staff and determination to publish such a document.

Out of thousands of stakeholders and advocates, very few published points of view are available to advocates, stakeholders, media, and legislators interested in knowing where others in the community stand on each provision.

Where Does the Community Stand?

For those that are willing to take a deep dive to take a position on a specific provision, the analytical work that they do, and the conclusions that they come to are almost always invisible and unknown to the rest of the world.

This is particularly problematic for the legislators that are interested in knowing where different organizations, advocates, etc. stand on each provision or topic related to complex issues.

Building A New Paradigm

Centralizing Analytical Data

Uniting for Action is working to overcome this challenge by building a platform that breaks down complex plans and proposals into individual provisions, and allows all stakeholders to indicate their support or opposition of each provision, along with clarifying comments about it.

See Where Everyone Stands

This will be an invaluable tool for all advocates and organizations to easily see where leading experts and voices in the community stand, along with comments, and links to news, documents, videos, etc. in the Resources section of the website to facilitate deeper dives into specific topics of interest.

Making Analysis Accessible

This centralized collection of information, analysis, and assessment tools will make it much easier for anyone interested to do a much more thorough analysis in an exponentially shorter amount of time than otherwise possible.

Most importantly, this will allow legislators access to this critical feedback from their constituents that has never been available before.