Beyond taking to the streets
and to social media
to raise awareness,
what tangible actions
can each of us take
to make a difference?

The Information for Action system effectively responds by:

channeling societal energy    into collective strategic actions    that create long-term systemic change

Photo by Kon Karampelas from Pixabay

Information for Action

Introducing a Revolutionary Social Media Platform

Uniting for Action has created the Information for Action system to allow us to more effectively address all our societal challenges.

Information for Action is a revolutionary social media platform that lets us all collaboratively work together in synergy.

Why is it important?

To transform challenges we have to take organized, collective actions.

To agree upon actions, we have to agree about what the challenges and solutions are.

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Why is it necessary?

Challenges and solutions exist as ideas and information.

Information for Action creates a revolutionary paradigm shift in how we can effectively align around ideas and information.

How does it work?

The Information for Action system provides the tools for people to:

  • distinguish the critical issues

  • educate themselves and others
  • make their voices heard
  • share what they’re passionate about
  • amplify their influence

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How does it work?

It creates a central clearinghouse for all the information related to important issues:

  • news
  • videos
  • documents
  • links
  • insights

Why is it effective?

Because of the way everything is cross-referenced, connected, and recommended, it exponentially accelerates the spreading of:

  • awareness
  • learning
  • alignment
  • action

Why is it efficient?

Whether you have hours,

or only a few minutes,

you can quickly and easily:

  • tune into the issues you care about
  • go right to what’s most recommended
  • find related information
  • see where everyone stands, and hear what those you respect have to say
  • add your feedback and positions
  • share to social media

How does it work?

It’s incredibly easy.

Take any of these actions at any time…

  • Add new Information
  • Create new Insights
  • Recommend to help guide others
  • Comment to offer important views
  • Connect related Information
  • Share on social media
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Why do we need it?

In order to take large-scale collective actions that make a difference, we must first agree on ideas.

Information for Action systematizes the way we process ideas and information, allowing us to process:

  • more ideas
  • more quickly
  • more efficiently
  • more effectively

than our current systems.

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Why do we need it?

Right now there’s an unbelievable amount of research and learning being repeated over and over again – thousands of times every day – because almost all of our efforts exist within an individual or organizational silo.

Everyone outside of our silo has next to no awareness of, nor access to, what we’ve each spent a lot of time and energy processing.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Why do we need it?

That means we’re wasting literally millions and millions of hours each week that we could be using productively instead of using it repeating work that has already been done over and over by others.

Imagine how much more progress we could make on our most challenging issues once we have millions of hours per week available to be put to productive use.

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Photo by Kon Karampelas from Pixabay

How is this a game changer?

1.  We now have a way for millions of activated people to contribute an hour, or even just 5 minutes at a time, to a shared effort – collectively channeling millions of hours into productive work that makes a tangible difference.

2.  This system lets us all plug into a shared workspace where we’re no longer acting as individual brain cells, processing information in isolation from all the other brain cells.

Working Together

The Information for Action system allows us to record and document our work in a way that everyone else can benefit from, and use as a foundation for their efforts.

No longer do we each have to find our own way through an endless sea of information. 

Leveraging Our Collective Intelligence

Every one of us is now an explorer, extending the map of the territory for the next.

This allows us, for the first time, to leverage the massive processing power of our collective intelligence, to effectively address our shared challenges.

Photo by Jared Krupnick, founder of Uniting for Action